Jul 242014

Naperville city councilman Grant Wehrli will be taking his show on the road for this November’s election for Illinois’ 41st District, now represented by Naperville Republican Darlene Senger, who will be running for for the 11th Congressional District against democrat Bill Foster. Wehrli is slated to challenge Democrat Ed Agustin, also from Naperville in the state election.

Wehrli’s most formidable challenge, may in fact, be himself. So often, politicians say one thing, and then do something else, as is the case with councilman Wehrli, however Wehrli takes it a step further by saying one thing when the cameras are running, but then saying something else when the cameras are off.

Watch and listen to Wehrli as the camera rolls.

Sounds good doesn’t it. A politician who says he enjoys a lively discussion, even when there’s disagreement. However as more than one resident can attest to, councilman Wehrli’s definition of ‘discussion’ or ‘dialog’ is one-sided, with the ‘one side’ being his.

Wehrli’s response to one resident was, “I will move your emails directly to the trash”. Well, so much for a ‘lively discussion’. On another occasion, Wehrli responded to a resident by saying, “I’ll walk right past you without saying ‘hi’. ” Wow, Wehrli really knows how to devastate a resident. Councilman Grant Wehrli was also quoted as saying, “all your emails will go straight into the junk file”. I’m not exactly sure how he differentiates which emails go to the trash, and which go to the junk file. I wanted to email him for clarification, but thought that my email would also go into the trash, or the junk file.

One thing is for certain; Wehrli saves a lot of time by not responding or listening to residents.

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  1. The adage of putting a beggar on horseback would apply here.

  2. He responded to me with a fake ‘out-of-office’ reply. Stay classy, Grant! I certainly hope he doesn’t get elected, but won’t be surprised if he does.

  3. It is illegal for a public official to destroy email correspondence without a disposal certificate from the IL Local Records Commission. (50 ILCS 205/) Local Records Act.


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