Naperville Only 3% Safer Than Aurora

Naperville city officials try to grab onto anything that might imply they are getting the job done. It’s clearly not an easy task, trying to make something positive out of negatives.When the city of Naperville’s website was hacked and down for a month, city officials celebrated that it was down for only a month.

Sometimes the good news and the bad news is the same thing. Take for example a recent study showing Naperville as the fourth safest mid-size city ( population between 126,000 and 210,000) in the country. That’s good news isn’t it. Until you realize that Aurora comes in as the eighth safest city in the same study. Another way of saying it is, Naperville is the safest mid-size city in the state of Illinois. More good news right? Until you realize that Aurora is the second safest city of its size in Illinois. Naperville city officials can’t seem to shake the close comparison to Aurora.

Let’s try this example to see if Naperville  can distance itself from Aurora. According the study, 1 out of 92 Naperville residents was be the victim of crime, while 1 out of 89 Aurora residents was victimized. Math was always my best subject, so I quickly calculated that Naperville is 3% safer than Aurora. It doesn’t look like such good news when you look at it that way; Naperville and Aurora being just about the same with regard to crime and safety for its residents. Common sense and logic for those who know Aurora, would say there is a digit (0) missing behind the ‘3’ and that Naperville should be 30% safer. But it’s only a meager 3% safer.

If it wasn’t for all the fisticuffs and mayhem fueled by over-served patrons  in the downtown area of Naperville, Aurora might be rated a distant second place, and Naperville city officials might finally be able to shake-off the close comparison to Aurora.

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