Naperville City Council 53 Days Late


Naperville city officials finally got around to recognizing an outstanding accomplishment by the Naperville Central Highschool Football team when the Redhawks won the 8A State Championship and brought the trophy home to Naperville.

Keep in mind that it took the Naperville city council 53 days to honor the school’s accomplishment. It happened last year (2013). This is 2014, we are half-way through basketball season, and the Naperville city council is just now getting around to proclaiming a day (January 21) for the team’s and school’s accomplishment. To make matters more insensitive, they made the announcement of proclaiming January 21 as Naperville Central Redhawk Day on January 21 during the city council meeting scheduled to start at 7pm, which means the day was already 80% gone before it was proclaimed.

To add further insensitivity, the Naperville city council was again late in starting the 7:00 meeting until 7:05pm which means almost another 2% of the remaining five hour portion of the day  was lost. By the time the meeting ended (10:00pm) there was only about 8% of the ‘Proclamation Day’ remaining to celebrate.

It’s interesting that when a city council member wins an election, they are quick to proclaim victory and getting the victory-party started immediately, but if it’s a win for the residents, then waiting 53 days is sufficient and acceptable to members of the Naperville city council. Is it any wonder when city officials can’t show respect to the residents of Naperville by starting city council meetings on time, it takes them 53 days to acknowledge a highschool football team’s accomplishment and do it when the official day is basically over.

This posting was published ten minutes after the meeting ended. No sense losing any more celebration time.

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