Fight Nights Continue In Downtown Naperville

Naperville city officials have had reservations about creating a welcome environment for martial arts competition (fighting) on the perimeter of the city, however they have had no such reservations about creating a welcome environment for street fighting in downtown Naperville. City officials would beg to differ, however they continue to increase the number of liquor licenses, while approving high density projects in the heart of Naperville. It stands to reason, that when the Naperville city council makes liquor more available, and more people are pouring (pun intended) into a confined area, problems are going to occur. And problems are exactly what Naperville has on weekend nights and now beginning to spill over (yes another pun) into week day nights.

A couple of weeks ago a total of 11 people were arrested for fighting with each other, bar security employees, and other patrons in six separate fights in the downtown Naperville area. It started late on Friday night, and rolled over to the early hours of Saturday morning. All the dust-ups occurred within a block of Washington Street on Jefferson and Chicago Avenues. The “Naperville 11” were charged with an assortment of unsportsmanlike behaviors including criminal trespass, battery, resisting a police officer, and so forth. Most likely there were more punches thrown in downtown Naperville that night, than any martial arts competition within miles of Naperville. City officials attributed the fisticuffs to “college kids being home for the holidays”. That’s a typical response from a city official, blame it on college kids. Those arrested ranged in age from 22 to 42, with an average age of 29; that seems like typical ages for college students doesn’t it.

The following weekend, five more were arrested for more unsportsmanlike activities including brandishing an ax handle while threatening guests at a party, DUI, resisting a police officer, public urination, criminal trespass, obstructing police, aggravated battery, disorderly conduct, breach of peach, fighting with downtown bar employees,  and generally not being very nice people. These folks ranged in age from 21 to 46, with the average age of 34. Apparently these must have been post-graduate students. Naperville city officials have a way of down-playing problems and surrounding themselves in denial. The person brandishing an ax handle, probably was just trying to open a bottle of Dom Perignon.

I’m guessing this last weekend saw an influx of doctorate degree students fighting their way through downtown Naperville.




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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Since our council doesn’t listen to reason maybe they can guzzle down (pun also intended) your humorous satire.

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