Councilman Wehrli’s First Priority is Councilman Wehrli

All too often we see arrogance and ‘me first’ attitudes daily throughout our lives. It may be difficult to specifically define, but when you see it, you know exactly what it is. You see it when you’re merging lanes, standing in line, walking towards an entrance, or attending a sporting event. We are surrounded by it. So it’s no surprise when we see it happening by our local government officials. What is amazing is when they openly display it during city council meetings and the cameras are running.

When you contrast the ‘me first’ attitude and behavior with someone who is actually trying to do the ‘right thing’ in looking for solutions, it makes the bad-attitude person look all the more worse; very much like a ‘Goofus and Gallant’ comparison.

Take for example the most recent Naperville city council meeting when ‘Gallant’ in the form of councilman Doug Krause presents an option (solution) to the ongoing contentious battle of forced installation of smart meters on the homes of residents who don’t want them.

Watch and listen as Krause presents a solution, and councilman Wehrli is offended that Krause didn’t come to him first to discuss it.

So rather than highlighting the possible solution, Wehrli highlights the negative and his own needs. Apparently what’s most important to Wehrli, is that councilman Krause works his way through the cold corridors of city hall and towards the inky shadows of Wehrli’s office to discuss the issue.

Then he really emphasizes his ‘me first’ attitude when he immediately starts talking about the inconvenience he has while waiting to turn left on a green-arrow turn signal. Watch and listen to Wehrli as he addresses is own need.

In just a short period of time Wehrli has managed to discount a possible solution to a major issue and put his own personal need above those of 143,000 residents.

Now watch and listen to Director of Transportation, Bill Novak as he tactfully and succinctly explains why the green arrow is necessary.

It’s necessary to protect the residents and all the kids using the bike-way.

Let’s see if councilman Wehrli ‘gets it’ or if he still thinks his need to make a quick left, most likely to get the last glazed donut at Dunkin’ Donuts, is more important than the safety of residents.

Grant still doesn’t get it. But he undoubtedly has something in common with Kayne West.

Oh Grant, you always know what to say, it’s just not always the right thing to say.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    This guy is so petulant and petty he makes Fieseler and Chirico look like Tinker Bells.

  2. Christopher Lawson

    Sorry, but this report itself seems petty. I’m guessing there is a breach of council protocol regarding making surprise comments without informing those who should have been informed.

    …and the thing about the left tun arrow…VERY petty to criticize Wherli for his comment. He was not out of line making comment about his experience.

    Is that the best muckraking the Watch Dog can do in a week? Sounds more like an attempt at character assassination. You clearly aren’t a fan of Wherli’s.

  3. Edgar James


    In 20 + years I have never seen any Naperville City Councilman care one bit about Council protocol. The Mayor makes sure that no rules are followed-because he has no idea what the rules are. Krause, not my favorite, is trying to compromise. Wehril and his bunch could care less about anything less than their own way.

    I agree that Wehrli’s comment about the light is acceptable. It’s just that it’s always about him.

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