Naperville City Officials Play It Backwards

Imagine playing a game of baseball, but your opponent changes the rules so that they can choose who will win and what the final score will be. Your opponent can also insure they will win by using their team members to be the umpire and the official scorer. They begin the game after the 9th inning and play the  game backwards towards the first inning. Additionally your opponent can make your team play short-handed by disallowing some of your best players from playing. Well, that’s how Naperville city officials play baseball, and it’s also how they govern the city of Naperville; they stack the deck.

Most recently this occurred during the city of Naperville PURPA (Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act) hearings when the public hearing officer (a Naperville city attorney) ruled on a motion by another Naperville city attorney to deny the Naperville Smart Meter Association an opportunity to express their position on federal energy standards.

It sounds like a boring topic and it is, except for the fact that it negatively affects all Naperville residents and businesses. To make it even more boring, the city’s position was read by the director of Naperville Department Public Utility, Mark Curran. If anybody could clear out a room of people as soon as he begins speaking, it would be Mr. Curran. Watch and listen as he presents a dry topic and makes it even more dry by reading it.

If this would have been a baseball game, the game would have been called due to lethargy, but the team in charge of the results made it continue.

Watch and listen to Naperville resident Julie Klepczarek, as she points out, the meeting is ‘three years too late’ and challenges the city to do the right thing.

Now watch and listen to long-time Naperville resident Jerry Schilling as he presents an overview of ‘wrong doing’ by Naperville city  officials regarding the forced installation of smart meters.

Finally, watch and listen to Naperville resident Michael Anderson, as he attempts to do the impossible by requesting  Naperville city officials incorporate common sense into their governing style.

The game (hearing) ended as it began, with the outcome and the score known; a classic stacked deck.

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  1. John Groll

    After listening to Jerry Schilling’s speech three times that he gave in the Purpa hearing last week, I believe if our councilman do not take the time to reevaluate this
    before voting all must consider resigning.
    Jerry spoke of fact and laid out a perfectly and understandable trail to misrepresenting a product to the citizens of Naperville delivered by the city council, mayor, city manager and the director of the public utility , Mark Curran. We should hold them all accountable for the waste of tax payers money and high electric cost to us as residents not to mention future related and unknown issues from the smart meter. I also include the consultants West Monroe Parters in this conspiracy to
    deceive the public knowing that having these hearings first would have caused total opposition to this program. The proof is in the emails back and forth between the city and its consultants over the last couple of years. We need accountability and we need it now before the council approves anything related to these so called hearings. Lets have the consultants speak to the residents and the city council before voting and explain if the process was fair and legal. I would even consider paying for this and would allow them 30 minutes to explain their position. It’s a golden opportunity to see what we paid for.

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