Naperville Satisfaction Survey Incomplete

The results are in for the most recent resident satisfaction survey provided by the city of Naperville. It was a lengthy questionnaire, with an even more lengthy interpretation of the results. For the most part it appears the residents of Naperville are satisfied with their way of life.

There are some major areas of dissatisfaction including:

  • the flow and congestion of traffic
  • less than desirable public transportation services
  • household hazardous waste disposal services
  • visibility of police in neighborhoods
  • the quality of the city’s television station

Another area of concern is that almost one out of 5 residents do not feel safe in downtown Naperville after 10pm. Not impressive for a city that once prided itself in being family friendly, but continues to slide in that all important metric.

The flow of traffic and congestion is a challenge for the city to rectify; difficult to make it better, but extremely easy to make it worse. The city will have the opportunity to make it worse when they finally address the issue of the downtown Water Street high-density project.

So things on the whole are good in Naperville, at least based on the questions that were asked. However some all important questions were missing from the survey including:


  • Are you satisfied with the actions of the city council which have lead to law suits against the city?
  • Can you name two city council members?
  • Can you name one city council member?
  • Do you believe the city manager is getting the job done?
  • Do you even know who the city manager is?
  • Are you pleased that the city wants a do-over vote for something you already voted on; our form of representation?
  • Are you pleased that the city would not allow you to vote on a non-binding referendum for smart meters?
  • Are you pleased that the city forcefully installed smart meters on your home?
  • Are you pleased that two Naperville moms were arrested for protecting their homes and families from forced smart meter installation?
  • Are you pleased with Naperville’s image in the Chicago area and nationwide due to the inappropriate actions of the city council?
  • Are you satisfied with Naperville’s lack of effective leadership?

The survey indicates that things are good in Naperville, but if ‘better’ is possible (and it definitely is), then ‘good’ is not enough. It’s time to make things better on election day April 9.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    One famous tyrant/dictator once said,” It doesn’t matter who votes but who counts the votes”, that gets the result. What a bunch of self- serving BS this is!

    These surveys should have been conducted by an independent consultant otherwise it is just propaganda by the political ruling bureaucracy. Even the questions were phrased in such a way as to make it hard to respond negatively to anything. You had to write in comments and they sure didn’t publicize them.

  2. John Groll

    It’s seems that we are totally isolated from the circle that controls our city government unless you are in the in crowd having a photo opt in the Naperville magazine all looking happy for the camera. If you totally agree with the way things are,you become part of the in crowd.
    When the Naperville Sun news paper wrote that most everyone is satisfied with Naperville and leaves out the real questions to be asked,its almost like a lie detector test. I make up the questions and you have just two answers, yes or no. In this case the questions were nicely crafted by a litigator who was going to trial for one goal,and that was for the right answers.
    Most taking the survey would never tell their real feelings since they do not want to look like complainers.
    Seems I heard this just recently from some one on the Sun newspaper staff. That’s what we have now for a President of our United States. He has in just four years made the ones who questions anything, just complainers.

    What do they call a Marine Corps Veteran at age 23, who saw three tours in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan over a 34 month period and cannot adjust to life back in his home town since he is physically and mentally damaged and wishes he could complain but fears he may look like a complainer?

    Tim I can introduce you to this brave Marine who states,

    “I love my country and I did this for you and your loved ones so they can have the way of life our founding Fathers fought for, so America can stand free from all its enemies foreign or domestic”.

    Freedom to speak and discuss issues that effect our way of life.
    Never stop asking questions and debating issues because this is how America has stood up and has taken its men and women and sent them to into combat to defend other people in other counties from their governments.

    Now write some truth of the real issues that are right in front of you.
    Complain a little, you may have a much larger following finally hearing the truth.

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