Naperville City Councilman Wehrli Fails To Achieve Goal

What is said, and what is done are oftentimes two different things, especially as it applies to most Naperville city council members, and in this case, specifically to councilman Grant Wehrli.

First, watch and listen to Wehrli as he states what is ‘the last thing he wants to do’.

So there’s Grant not wanting to “cause anyone a headache”

Now watch and listen to resident William Hannah as he questions why the council needs the personal information of Naperville residents.

Sounds as though Grant Wehrli along with most of his council peers might be causing William an Excedrin Extra Strength headache.

Now watch and listen to Naperville resident Carol Phillips when she mentions that the ‘city council behavior is an embarrassment’ and residents from nearby towns compare it to the Nazi’s of WWII.

Again it sounds like councilman Wehrli might be part of inflicting an industrial-strength headache on a long-time resident of Naperville.

When councilman Grant Wehrli publicly states the last thing he wants to do is cause anyone a headache, it appears he has failed miserably to achieve his goal. You might want to make sure you have some Excedrin nearby when Grant is nearby.

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  1. Christopher Lawson

    Ms. Phillips gave a powerful dressing down of the Naperville government. I hope they were listening.

  2. Debbie R

    I live in a nearby city and hate to say this, but Naperville is a joke. I feel bad for all the people who have invested in homes and lives in Naperville and are now stuck with this type of environment. I have been following you for a while and have remained quite, but enough is enough. Wehrli and the others are a disgrace to Naperville. A while back we use to make fun of states like Indiana and Wisconsin as Illinois was the place to be. Now Illinois is the joke and people are looking to Indiana and Wisconsin as heroes. Well Naperville use to be a city people use to look to as a success, What happened? When did Naperville become the new Illinois that no one wants to be associated with.

    Keep up the good work. People don’t always comment, but eyes are watching and notes are taken.

  3. Throw Them Out

    Apparently below is a statement that Wherli posted on his Facebook. He appears to get in a lather regarding the “lawlessness” of a candidate’s placement of an election sign. He even compares a local candidate to our Illinois political criminal class. Why doesn’t Wehrli resign as he votes to destroy our Fourth Amendment Right to be secure in our homes? What about the taking of our property, against our will, so that the city government can use our homes as transmitting stations for our family home data? Or how about forcing homeowners to relinquish our privacy and security, then voting for a silly, toothless “Customer Bill of Rights to replace our Constitutional Rghts? Did he call for the firing of city staff that violated the Illiniois Open Meeting Act or FOIA laws? How about using the city lawyer to investigate a way to nulify the voters overwhelming mandate for districting? He apparently has no problem with the city manager having a non-police Police Chief appointed to the job (after retiring from the police force 7 years ago) allowing that “police manager” to continue collecting his police pension, while being paid the Police Chief salary. Worse yet, where was his indignation at Krieger paying the retired Police Chief $50,000.00 extra to get our non-police Police Chief orientated to the job?

    Wherli’s sanctimonious Facebook posting:

    “Why do we elect people that can’t follow the law? Naperville is about to have City Council elections and one of my criteria is that candidates follow the law. Pretty basic right? A look at a candidates sign placement can be telling. Placing them in parkways, intersections, etc. is against the law. Candidate Malik appears to have been busy the past few days placing illegal signs! (She is also suing Naperville in a federal lawsuit by the way.) No candidate is perfect but this is more than a “one off” mistake. Jackson Jr., Blago and Ryan seem to be setting the pace for candidate Malik. Win at all costs, even break the law to win. No thanks, not in Naperville!”

    Come on, Wehrli, resign.

    • Conscientious Observer

      His Facebook quote is unbelieveable!! Grant sounds like a cheap Chicago politician. He is a hypocrite and full of himself. Don’t go after any important issues Grant, go after piddly items. That’s the Naperville/Chicago/Illinois politician’s way. He can’t talk about issues because she has a good campaign.

      To Grant’s quote:
      “Win at all costs, even break the law to win. No thanks, not in Naperville!”

      No, because this has already been done by the City Council!!!

      All I can say is, the pettiness to have to resort to the location of a candidate’s signage is telling, Grant. Your self-righteous indignation is sickening. Why don’t you try this stance with the council members because the voters know that actions speak louder than words.

      We need a change!

  4. Naperville resident

    This was excellent. I applaud their courage. The information we are gathering and what we are learning at each presentation and meeting, makes us stronger and wiser and want the fight to go on. I am ashamed of our leadership here in Naperville. How lazy the voters have become in putting these people in a position of power, control and decision making. It’s a caveat to a circus on parade and more stunts and daring robotics to come from a council that does nothing more than reap the benefits of their income to represent the heart and mind of the people of Naperville.

    Pavlov’s theory of conditioned responses applies here in that……..when you ring a bell in front of council members chambers………the door of continual nourishment opens to reveal an immediate undertaking of seizure and rewards, but when finished they have left behind the crumbs of slim sustenance to the people that have contributed to the bounty for their survival as well.

  5. Conscientious Observer

    I think Carol Phillips said what many long-time Napervillians feel. This town is now an embarassment thanks to our run-amok city council who needs to be replaced with individuals who have the community members as their first priority.

    find it a bit hypocritical of Mr. Wehrli to attempt to dress down anyone in the Naperville community. When he is a member of the city council who blatantly and arrogantly ignored the rights of the citizens of Naperville and forced Smart Meters on their homes against their will… some while being intimidated by the presence of armed police officers on their private property without a warrant… he has no room to talk to talk. While Ms Malik or her volunteers may have been unaware of the law regarding sign placement, there was no potential harm to people or property, Mr Wehrli and his posse WERE aware of the laws/codes they chose to ignore, and there was harm to property and may be potential harm to people. Who is the bigger offender here, folks??

    Sing it, Grant! Your opponents don’t have to do much work, you do it for them every time you open your mouth… which is, unfortunately, a lot.

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