Naperville Resident Admonishes Council


Every now and then a parent has to sit his child down and set him straight, or a principal calls into his or her office a kid to remind him of the virtues of being civil. In Naperville we see this happening more and more with residents needing to remind city officials, including city council members and the city manager Doug Krieger, of the importance of common courtesies such as being respectful to constituents, thinking before speaking, listening, acting with integrity, avoiding being insulting, and acting in a civil manner towards residents.

Listen and watch as Naperville resident Tina Longnecker admonishes Naperville city council members along with Doug Krieger and implores them to embrace civility.

For those of you who remember Robert Fulghum’s book, ‘All I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten’, one gets the feeling when watching and listening to the Naperville city council that the majority of council members, along with city manager never attended kindergarten.

At a time when ‘bullying’ is a focus in school and life in general, you would think that a council member would do the ‘right thing’ and speak up when one of his or her peers was being disrespectful and bullying a citizen; it doesn’t happen. Not one single council member displays the courage to do the right thing and speak up. That would require leadership, which is a quality sorely missing at the dais.


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  1. Milt W

    Nice to hear a person attempt to teach the unteachable. While this ladies words are true the listeners will choose to ignore them due to the fact that they show the council does not care for anyone’s opinion that votes for them.

    The only way they and future counsels will listen is when the last ballot is counted and they find that perhaps they should have paid more attention to their bosses and less to the corporations topping up their ego’s.
    They are the same as our politicians they only listen the day they have been let go.

    Keep up the loud voice of the voter and only good can result from it.

    I wish you all the best of luck.

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