Naperville city officials need PR help

No sooner does former Governor Ryan get back on the streets after years in the slammer, now comes Illinois representative Jesse Jackson Jr., in line to take his place doing time. This is happening while former Governor Rob Blogojevich is wondering where he went wrong; he could have been a senator from Illinois, but now he’s doing time in the gray bar hotel. Illinois has been on record setting pace for bad government long before former Governors Stratton and Walker found themselves behind bars. How foolish can Illinois politicians be.

Speaking of foolish politicians, Naperville’s city council members find themselves being called upon to resign. At the same time, Naperville residents are clamoring for city manager, Doug Krieger, to be fired. It sounds like the citizens of Naperville have had more than enough of this group of city officials. So much in fact, that back in 2010 residents voted by a landslide to change its form of government from council members being elected at large, to being elected primarily by districts with a few still running around loose. Residents also voted by an absolutely huge margin for term limits. Three years ago the residents spoke loudly, and what did Naperville officials do. Well they delayed the implementation of the voters will until the year 2015; a full five years after residents voted. And then as a further insult to the residents of Naperville, city officials approved another vote on district representation thereby having a do-over vote. It’s just a matter of time before city officials lay the groundwork for a do-over vote on term limits.

Naperville city officials continue to erode what little credibility they have left. Unfortunately it’s the actions of most city officials that make the few other city officials really look bad in the eyes of Naperville residents.

So what can city council members and the city manager do, to improve their image. Well, the first thing they could do is start doing things right. However, that’s also the most difficult thing for them to do. Their only option is to hire an expensive public relations company for themselves. It would have to be an extremely good PR firm, since the humongous task of improving city officials images would take a herculean effort; they’d have to find something positive about each person, and that’s not easy.

Let’s work our way around the dais from left to right and suggest something positive for each.

Joe McElroy: Taking a twist on Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’, Joe can say ‘I didn’t start the fire, it’s been always burning’.

Judy Brodhead: Bring home made cookies for everyone at council meetings. Heck, I’d even eat one… long as Judy ate one first.

Bob Fieseler: O.K., so we can’t find something positive; we did say it wouldn’t be easy.

Doug Krause: He would have been the mayor, if second place finishes were considered winners.

City manager, Doug Krieger: the man can dance; and isn’t that what an official needs when he can’t give a straight answer.

Mayor Pradel: take away his gavel, replace it with a billy-club, slap a police badge back on officer friendly along with a police hat. So what if he’s not a police officer, neither is our police chief.

City attorney, Margo Ely; her motto could be, “With city officials like Naperville has, I can juggle law suits against the city, like a Gold Medal Olympian juggler”

Kenn Miller: No one could sell a used car like Kenn Miller, in fact, he could sell a used car off a lot that he doesn’t even work at.

Grant Wehrli: he needs to show that he can relate to the ‘common folk’, so he could say, “Listen, ‘Wehrli Road’ wasn’t named after me, it was named after ‘Rocky Road’. Likewise ‘Wehrli Stadium’ was named after ‘Stanley Stadium’.

Paul Hinterlong: How can anyone look at Paul, and listen to him, no matter what he’s trying to say, and not like him.

Steve Chirico: considering he’s involved in the flooring business, it can always be said that he’s got his feet planted firmly on the ground, and he’s got a firm foundation to stand on.

Considering city officials have taken a massive ‘beat down’, from residents, along with intense negative press on radio and TV both locally and nationwide, and folks from other countries consider Naperville officials to be ‘bad entertainment’, they desperately need PR help to bolster their egos.

Imagine if the Naperville city council did resign and Krieger’s ouster became a reality; that would provide Naperville residents with the relief they need.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    THE JUDICIAL CONNECTION (I detect a disturbing pattern here.)

    Why do all issues involving Naperville city council go to Judge Wheaton? Is this the same Judge who gave Naperville 3 extra years to implement the first overwhelmingly positive vote 28k to 14k for term limits and district representation? Is this the same Judge who stalled off the hearing appeal for a non-binding referendum on smart meters until early voting began and then declared it was too late to hear it?

    Is this Judge a 10th member of the Naperville City Council? Based on her previous ruling to extend implementation should she have recused herself from this latest appeal???

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