Naperville councilman Wehrli gets ‘floored’ at meeting

It’s been said that in Naperville politics, ‘a dollar saved is an oversight’. However every now and then a Naperville city official is aware of expense and can knowingly or unknowingly also turn it into a good pun.

Watch and listen as councilman Grant Wehrli gets ‘floored’ regarding expense.

There is no better place for shoes and boots, than on the floor.

This leads us to ponder the multiple-choice question:

  • is the councilman really concerned about expense,
  • or was Wehrli trying to be a comedian with his pun,
  • or was he subconsciously putting a plug in for councilman Chirico’s flooring business.

It would be refreshing to think Wehrli is an advocate for residents by keeping an eye on expense, but he is a councilman, and most  Naperville council members are not known for that.

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