Naperville officials demand free access to your premises

It looks like Naperville city officials are at it again. This time in their attempt to intimidate residents regarding the forced installation of, not-so-safe, not-so-secure, and not-so Smart Meters.

While a law suit regarding smart meters works its way through the federal court system, the city of Naperville decided to force Naperville residents to have digital utility meters (DUM) attached to their homes and businesses against the will and good sense of the good folks of Naperville, and before the Federal court system makes its ruling.

Naperville city council members want this forced installation completed long before city council elections this spring. They didn’t want it as an ongoing issue since council members who supported this Smart Meter Initiative fiasco stand to lose re-election, including council members Judy Brodhead and Paul Hinterlong. Other council members who stand to lose following elections include Grant Wehrli and the ‘point person’ for pushing this waste of money, council member Bob Fieseler.

In the last city election two city council members decided to leave; one by choice and one by vote. In the upcoming election two more are wisely walking away, or more appropriately running away; Mayor Pradel and councilman Kenn Miller.

A letter sent to Naperville residents January 18 by the Director of Public Utilities, Mark Curran, states that “authorized agents of city hall have free access to the customer’s premises at all reasonable hours”. If we were playing Jeopardy and that was the answer to a question, the question would be “What was the foundation for the German Nazi game plan”.

Just as in WWII, those carrying out the atrocities of the authorities tried to claim they were simply following orders. That didn’t fly, and this should not either. Curran and City Manager Doug Krieger can say they are just following the dictates of the city council, but they are just as responsible as the members of the city council. The difference is that the city council members can and most likely will be voted out of office, while Krieger and Curran are nothing more than hired hands. As things continue to unravel in the Naperville city government, and more and more wrong-doing, and ill-advised decisions come to light, one thing is more than possible if not probable, and that is both Krieger and Curran could be issued their ‘walking papers’ somewhere along the process. If council members are sinking, you can be sure they will be standing on the shoulders of both Krieger and Curran. It is just a matter of time before an announcement that city officials are “seeking opportunities elsewhere” is reported.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It can’t happen soon enough for me. When you attack my home, family, safety, security, access to electricity, property rights and Constitutional freedoms then you attack me personally and I for one will speak out aggressively and continually until those responsible are ousted from power.

    It seems like the electric company runs this city and is a rogue agency which needs to be sold off before we are all enslaved by them and their cronies!

  2. Dismayd

    We can hope that will come to pass, but I think there is too much apathy among the citizens who don’t give this issue more than a passing thought, who willingly abdicate their critical thinking and decision-making to someone else – really, anyone else.

  3. Milt W

    Keep a garden hose ready. When someone trespasses with criminal intent (theft,intimidation) soak them down. Preferably when they are in the middle of their act. Never know when a surveillance meter will burn a house down.

    Google – smart meters fire or smart meter danger.
    They have even less rights to trespass Use your 2nd. amendment.

    Ask ,through the news papers , what the chance of an electric fire is from installation , check and you will find that the local fire officer will have no code to specify a smurf meter fire caused them. If these things are so good for us why the deception. Good luck folks. Keep up the pressure until you can vote these clowns out as we are going to do in a few months.

  4. Barbara Serbick

    Under what particular section of the Constitution does the city council derive this power? The city will not be entering my house, for any reason. Their involvement in my electric service stops at the meter. The next step will be forcing residents to update all of their electronics, thermostats and appliances so they will communicate with the meters in order to facilitate total control by the city of when, even if, we will have power. This is the definition of a police state, tyranny.

  5. Sandy

    There could be a lot of quick fixes for problems in Naperville. The late night drinking problem could be solved if Naperville banned alcohol within it’s city limits. Drug problems would stop if police could stop and search every vehicle that entered Naperville. Perhaps they could search every package delivered to our homes also.

    But that’s not how it works in America.

    The Constitution was designed to preserve our personal, civil and property rights, particularly our homes. The Fourth Amendment makes that quite clear. It was written to protect We The People from the people like you and Mr. Krieger. Your grand plan for YOUR idea of a perfect utility has overstepped its bounds. Consider some of the Utility Ordinances below. They were stuffed in the over 750 pages of the City Council Agenda packets.

    14.2 DPUE hereby reserves the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to gain access to inspect and test ANY consumer owned equipment which is connected to DPUE system.

    14.1 As determined by the DPUE the customer shall select and install ONLY motors, apparatus and devices which are suitable for operation with the Character of service available and supplied by the DPUE.

    14.4 The DPUE herby reserves the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to request the customer install, at the customer expense, any such wiring AND equipment which the DPUE determines is required to prevent any deleterious effects on the QUALTITY of service provided to its customers.

    We are forced into buying ELECTRICITY Mr. Curran, from a government owned monopoly. But we are not buying into your idea of a “green utopia” managed by YOU. We own our homes so that we can raise our families, relax, enjoy our dreams. We purchase the appliances and equipment for our use and pleasure. Our private property is not there for you to inspect and test for your own folly or skewed view of “common good.”

    I’m calling for yours and Mr. Krieger’s resignation, as its my personal opinion that anyone who has such a fundamental misunderstanding and respect for personal, civil and property rights has no business in government.

    No matter how grand or noble your ambitions may be, those ambitions stop at my family’s front door.

  6. buck naper

    Since Curran and Krieger give themselves unlimited access to our homes and property, merely because we require essential electricity I expect more abuse on the horizon. Future Headlines? ” The Naperville utility testers, escorted by police, and their “non police” police chief knocked down a young mother’s door to “access” her breast pump, for testing, which is connected to the DPU-E system. As she stood in the way, protecting her infant, she was arrested and her child put in custody of Social Services, until her husband could return home from his job. Mr. Krieger stated that she should have been arrested if she did anything wrong.”

    Or how about: “Naperville Utility Testers via real time smart meter data, determined that many Naperville families were on Spring Vacation and decided, for each family’s “convenience” they would impose their authority and “access” their homes to test all appliances that are connected to the DPU-E. Krieger assured residents, that police escorts were used, while entering their homes for “security.” During inspection, many building ordinances were found to be violated and homeowners were issued several citations among them being,improper light bulbs in closets, wiring violations, unapproved and outdated appliances.”

  7. an ounce of precaution is worth a pound of cure

    In 2009, following a meeting in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, more than 50 concerned scientists from 16 countries – public health officials, biologists, neuroscientists, medical doctors – signed what became known as the Porto Alegre Resolution. The signatories described it as an “urgent call” for more research based on “the body of evidence that indicates that exposure to electromagnetic fields interferes with basic human biology.”

    That evidence is mounting. “Radiofrequency radiation has a number of biological effects which can be reproducibly found in animals and cellular systems,” says David O. Carpenter, director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the State University of New York (SUNY). “We really cannot say for certain what the adverse effects are in humans,” Carpenter tells me. “But the indications are that there may be – and I use the words ‘may be’ – very serious effects in humans.” He notes that in exposure tests with animal and human cells, RF-EMF radiation causes genes to be activated. “We also know that RF-EMF causes generation of free radicals, increases production of things called heat shock proteins, and alters calcium ion regulation. These are all common mechanisms behind many kinds of tissue damage.”

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