James Madison Slams Naperville Electoral Board

Our prisons are filled with people who say they didn’t do it. It’s common-place when someone is accused of wrong doing, their first inclination is to deny they did it. It’s also their second and third inclinations. It happened during a referendum hearing on January 29 meeting when the Naperville electoral voted on whether or not they (the electoral board) is biased. The three-member board (Mayor George Pradel, councilman Doug Krause, and city clerk Pam LeFebar) voted unanimously that they are not biased. That was a relief to know that our city officials are not biased. It only took them a nano-second to think about it, and two nano-seconds to vote on it.

The fourth President of the United States (James Madison) would vehemently disagree. In fact he did on November 23, 1787 in the Federalist papers (# 10) when he said, “No man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause, because his interest would certainly bias his judgment, and, not improbably, corrupt his integrity.”

Listen and watch as the Naperville electoral board votes on whether or not they are biased.

Naperville city council candidate Jo Malik states it very clearly when she says,

“Deja vu all over again. No matter which side smart meter ambassador McQuillan is on, as long as it’s the city’s side, he wins. How can the board possibly take a vote on whether or they are biased? And how could they not be biased? The Chairman of the ‘Committee to re-elect Mayor Pradel,’ is also the ‘Yes at Large’ petition organizer, and sitting just 20 feet from the Mayor. Doug Krause has gone on record stating he is opposed to districts, and Pam LeFaber works for both of them. But nah, they’re not biased, they said so themselves.”

On one side you have the Naperville electoral board denying the undeniable, and on the other side you have James Madison and Jo Malik “outing” the board.

Sixty-four days remain until the Naperville city council election on April 9. Twelve candidates, including three incumbents are running to fill three positions. Candidates have a choice of being part of the ongoing problem with city council and city officials, or part of the solution. Candidates Tom Glass and Jo Malik have chosen to become part of the solution. Two ( incumbents Brodhead and Hinterlong), have chosen to be part of the problem, and maybe a third (Krause). The remaining seven have chosen to be quiet on this issue, along with other issues. That qualifies as ‘part of the problem’ group. Naperville is in need of leaders, not followers. James Madison wouldn’t want it any other way.

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  1. Barbara Serbick

    If we ever succeed in removing these snobs, the first order of business should be to remove that dais and see that the council, the mayor and the city manager all sit at the same level as the rest of the citizens of Naperville and not above them. I think this will have a very humbling and sobering effect. They seem to have forgotten where they came from, who elected them to be representatives, not rulers, and who pays their salaries.

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