Citizens Hammer Naperville City Council

You can always tell when Naperville city officials know they have made another huge blunder. It happens quite often. They rely on using police force and intimidation against residents. It happened again at the last Naperville city council meeting on February 5 when a large contingent of residents from Naperville along with other cities attended the meeting to voice their intense displeasure with city officials and their actions.

The parking lot was littered with Naperville police squad cars, including one strategically placed directly in front of city hall. Armed police were positioned at each entrance to the building, along with each entrance/exit of city hall chambers. I casually asked one of Naperville’s finest “what’s up” and he said, “I’m not sure if we’re protecting the council from the people, or the people from the council.” My wife’s dad was a police officer for 42 years and I know they have a job to do, and I also enjoy a sense of humor, however  one thing is for sure; if those police officers where in the downtown bar area of Naperville, there would be far fewer alcohol related issues.

The outrage that citizens are feeling stems from the forced installation of smart meters and citizen arrests resulting from residents protecting their homes and families. The rights of citizens have been infringed upon and totally ignored by the Naperville city council along with the city manager Doug Krieger. The city of Naperville spent over $1.5 million to a public relations firm in Chicago to ‘sell’ residents on the idea that Smart Meters were the greatest thing since sliced bread. And what did the city council and manger get for our $1.5+ million?

  • A Federal law suit against the city working its way through the court system
  • Thousands of upset residents against the city council and city manager
  • Negative press throughout the country towards Naperville
  • Two moms arrested and thrown into jail for protecting their families and homes
  • Potential law suits against the city from those arrests
  • Undoubtedly losing a possible “Best city to live in” status.
  • Angry citizens who were not allowed to vote on the issue in a non-binding referendum.
  • Distrust and contempt from residents towards city officials
  • ‘Shout outs’ from residents for the city council to resign and the city manager to be fired
  • And who knows what other legal action will be taken against the city

During the Public Forum portion of the meeting, passionate citizens spoke out against the actions and decisions of the city council and city manager, oftentimes resulting in spontaneous applause in support of comments. Citizens are allowed only three minutes to make their point and as such prepare their comments in advance. The city council, in an effort to subvert speaker’s comments, allowed each speaker only two minutes. An obvious tactic on the council’s part to dismantle the presenter’s presentation. It didn’t work. Even with only two minutes, the speakers were ‘spot on’ because of their passion and conviction.

Mayor Pradel then unwisely called for a five-minute recess so the council could regain their composure. A few council members left and retreated deep into the bowels of city hall, while a few others disappeared into the inky shadows of city hall corridors. A few council members not knowing what to do, stayed. This gave residents the chance to ask questions from their seats, none of which were answered by council members. Residents then called upon council members to resign and requesting that city manager Doug Krieger be fired. Finally council members worked up the courage to return and continue the meeting. This was the first show of courage on the council’s part in years. But then again, they had to return, since no council member made a motion to adjourn.

Watch and listen as Naperville residents along with citizens from other towns express themselves.

Gerard Schilling requests the firing of city manager Doug Krieger and the acting police chief.

Mayor A. George Pradel imposes two minute limit on speakers

City council candidate Jo Malik speaks of “shameless abuse of power by city manager and city council.

David Macduff chides the council for not allowing citizens to vote on non-binding smart meter referendum.

Dick Hutter ‘city doesn’t care about what residents concerns are’

Amber Schoedel ‘appalled that city authorized respected citizens arrest’

Tricia Tillotson challenged the council for a show of hands on how many of you on this city council have a smart meter installed on your home at this very minute. Only a few council members sheepishly raised their hands.

Tom Glass, city council candidate, points out ‘the city ignored their own code’ and ‘displayed gross violation of the law’. The Mayor then threatened residents with removal from the meeting.

Jerry Lennon from Woodridge, IL presents facts and common sense to the Naperville city council, both of which are foreign concepts to the council.

Nancy Lauris ‘city planned the breaking and entering’, and police refused to take a police report’.

Ken Piszano ‘the city was sneaky and underhanded in not leaving a notice that work had been done’

Tim Messer, ‘city fueled fire by handcuffing two women and placing them in squad cars’

Nancy Jacques from Palatine, ‘council doesn’t care about citizens, comparable to domestic enemies’

Diane Cambrone ‘Naperville now being known across the country and even around the world as a police state’

Carol Schilling, 30 year resident, ‘What’s happened to Naperville? Carol says she can ‘ no longer recommend any of her friends moving to Naperville’

Stan Kriz ‘ couldn’t get a straight answer from the city’, ‘What will it cost the city when they lose another law suit? Horrible decision.’

Horrible decisions by the Naperville city council and city manager. They get an A+ for consistency.

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  1. Edgar James

    Great job by all of the people that spoke at the meeting. Keep up the pressure. The Mayor is crumbling.

  2. Sandy

    Jennifer Stahl and Kim Bendis, young mothers, need help to pay for their lawyers. Naperville is using our tax dollars to prosecute, and in my opinion harass these two brave women. Naperville had no problem spending a reportedly 1.5 million tax dollars on the Furesteanu debacle. To what extremes will they go this time?

    Checks can be made out to Jennifer Stahl or Kim Bendis and mailed to:

    C/O NSMA
    1427 Westglen Dr.
    Naperville, IL 60565

    Fundraiser happy hour to be February 22. Location to be announced

  3. Sandy

    This is what these young moms are fighting against. First it’s police escorting utility workers to your meter, next it will be:

    14.2 DPUE hereby reserves the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to gain access to inspect and test ANY consumer owned equipment which is connected to DPUE system.

    14.1 As determined by the DPUE the customer shall select and install ONLY motors, apparatus and devices which are suitable for operation with the Character of service available and supplied by the DPUE.

    14.4 The DPUE herby reserves the RIGHT and AUTHORITY to request the customer install, at the customer expense, any such wiring AND equipment which the DPUE determines is required to prevent any deleterious effects on the QUALTITY of service provided to its customers.

    They confiscated our homes, with police action to put transmitting devices on them, against the explicit desire of the homeowners wishes and without their permission. Furthermore, they are collecting data of the homeowners activities with in the home that require electricity. Lastly, that data can be shared with third parties, as law requires.

    Lets help out Jen and Kim!

  4. Gerhard

    I’m from Australia – can someone keep me up to date with further develoments?
    Well i gues that what USA wants the rest of the world to belive – the one with the colt in his hand is always right – you can have all the rights and laws in the world , but i have the gun – the people in power make the laws to protect the people in power – God save america where people have only rights as long as they agree with the “right people”

  5. Sandy

    Why would Bob Fieseler ever think that it’s ok to put a “speedometer” on our homes and report to the city what we are doing? Why does Bob think that any homeowner requires a government owned “speedometer” to manage their homes or their lives? Why does Bob think that citizens need to rely on city hall to safeguard our privacy or security? The Council can’t even fully fund their fire and police pensions! The only ones, in my opinion, that requires a “speedometer” is the City Council to control their deficit spending, confiscation of our properyand civil rights.

    “Data taken in 10-minute intervals by smart meters throughout Naperville’s electric system will improve the delivery of quality electric power to customers. Having such up-to-the-minute data will allow the utility to reduce voltage fluctuations that can harm appliances and electronic equipment. Having that data will also enable outage alerts and tamper alerts, which systems using analog meters cannot provide. Smart meters can also deliver price signals to customers who wish to adjust their usage by running large appliances and charging electric cars, for example, when electricity prices are low. A smart meter is to a home or business what a speedometer is to a car – both help you stay in control. To be sure, there are data privacy and security concerns with smart meters, which we’re working hard to minimize, but I’m convinced that the benefits smart meters will provide far outweigh the risks. I respect that others may see that balance differently. ~Bob Fieseler, Naperville City Councilman.

  6. Henry Leschen

    Dear Citizens of Naperville,
    Keep up the good fight and know that all the World is watching your brave and moral fight against the criminal intimidation of all of you by your own elected City officials. Sack your Chief of Police and all those police who meekly followed his criminal orders. Sack your criminal City Manager and also sack your Mayor for all three of these officials you elected have shown such contempt for you that you should should display your rightful anger by ensuring they can no longer work for you or your City. I say drum them out of your to town and TAR AND FEATHER ALL THREE OF THEM.

    We here in Victoria Australia in both our capital city of Melbourne and all country areas of Victoria are experiencing identical intimidation and daily harassment to take Smart Meters. Many of us site our rights under both the World Charter of Human Rights 1948 and our Victorian Charter of Human rights 2006 which protects us from having any goods or services forced upon on us if we believe such goods or services may harm us or our house hold electric fridge washing machines computers . Many of us refuse to allow a Smart Meter to be installed and have padlocked our meter boxes and posted letters of NO TRESPASS with fines of $167,000.00 dollars for entering our premises without written permission and a fine on both the installer and his company’s boss of $10,000,00.00 yes ten millions dollars for CONTINUAL HARASSMENT, both notices having been drafted by the Commonwealth of Australia whose powers over-ride all individual state laws and legislation.

    Our Victorian Liberal Government minister for Electric Power the now Dis- Honourable Michael O’Brien is abusing his power as a politician in promoting Smart Meters although no valid testing of these Dumb Meters has been done nor has our Commonwealth or State departments of WEIGHTS AND MEASURES carried out their testing to determine if these SMART METERS can operate at all times without causing harm to our DNA.

    For God’s sake keep up the good fight and know that all of you are in our daily prayers. God save the Queen.

    Yours faithfully,

    Henry Leschen. of Ararat city – a small country town in Victoria Australia.

  7. Buford

    Gerarld the Chief is not an acting Chief, but the full time Chief. Get your facts straight or is smart meters smarter than you!

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