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Some things defy logic. Take for example the Naperville city council. So much of what they do and say makes no sense. It makes one wonder if they have any idea how foolish they sound and look from the citizens side of the dais. Mind-benders to ponder would include:

  • Why is the city council fanatical about the forceful installation of smart meters? Could it be that one or more of the council members have something personal to gain. During the California gold rush (1848-1855) the people who made money were the ones selling shovels. So which of our council members are ‘selling shovels’.


  • During the Naperville electoral board referendum hearing, city attorney Margo Ely and Naperville city clerk Pam LaFebar spent a lot of time chatting with each other while those favoring the objection spoke including the objector Paul Sjordal, attorney Mark Ibendahl, and Tom Glass. However when the side favoring the referendum spoke, both Ely and LaFebar gave their full attention. Could it be that they made their decisions before ever hearing one word during the hearings.


  • Where and when did Officer Friendly (Mayor Pradel) take a wrong turn when he started to change from citizen-friendly to become citizen-unfriendly. Could it be the day he took off the badge and picked up the gavel.


  • After our recent snow, did anyone notice which of our council members actually shoveled the walkway at their homes or at their rental properties? Word has it that a good number of council members who voted for the shoveling ordinance didn’t have any snow on their shovels.


  • It’s been said that ‘actions define the person’. Based on that, how is city manager Doug Krieger defined? At the last council meeting a number of residents called for his ‘firing’. No one called for Krieger to receive a ‘pay raise’ for a job well done.


  • Why is it that city council members don’t have the courage to deal with the city manager and set him straight. Could it be that the city manager’s inflated salary, makes it easier for other city officials to have inflated salaries.


  • While watching the Super Bowl on T.V., did city council members notice the 30 minute blackout. Could it be that someone hacked the electric grid at the Super Bowl? One would have to think that the NFL and CBS have better security and ‘unhackable’ systems than city hall has for smart meters.


  • The last Naperville city council meeting on Tuesday Feb 5, was one of the more attended and energetic meetings over the last three years. Sparks were flying and you could, hear the buzz, and feel the electricity running through council chambers, as if there was a smart meter in the room. The city council was fortified with armed police stationed at exits. The council lost its composure more than once and had to call for a recess, Did anyone find it interesting that the local newspaper’s top council-meeting reporter didn’t attend the meeting? He might be on reassignment or simply burned out from listening and watching the antics of the city council. In fact, there was no mention of the night’s festivities in the Wednesday paper. It wasn’t until Friday that a small story appeared buried on page 9. It’s been said the the local paper is simply an extension of the city council. Could it be that the local paper is the 10th council member.


  • Bad decisions by the Naperville city council and lack of leadership by the city manager provide fertile ground for more law suits to be filed against the city. A few are in the pipe line now with undoubtedly more to follow. Who benefits from that? Could it be the city attorney and legal department. It surely provides job security. You can be sure the folks in Naperville’s legal department want the city manager to stay, and council members to keep making dreadful decisions.

Why is it that when Naperville resident Tricia Tilloltson challenged council members for a show of hands on how many of the nine had smart meters installed on their homes, only a few sheepishly raised their hands. What’s up with that? By the way, has anyone seen any of the council members tooling around town in an electric vehicle that they own? Anyone?

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  1. Christopher Lawson

    Thank you. This smart meter business has gotten my attention…and I thank you for your muckraking!

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Also strangely silent was the Naperville Patch. Their new editor seems to advocate for big government, big green and big buddy projects by only positively reporting on them to the exclusion of any critical objective articles.
    When he does so the comments by readers are mostly negative. These guys never learn to just report the news verses censoring it.

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