Naperville City Council Candidate ‘Outs’ Electoral Board

Sometimes something is so obvious that it’s embarrassing, like a huge zit on the tip of your nose. This time the ‘nose’ is the citizen objection for a referendum to reverse the decision of the 2010 referendum that was approved by a voter landslide for a new system of electing council members, and the ‘huge zit’ is the Naperville electoral board’s obvious effort to deny the objection at all cost, and push the ‘do-over’ vote on the residents again.

The Naperville electoral board consists of Mayor George Pradel, councilman Doug Krause, city clerk Pam LaFeber and orchestrated by city attorney Margo Ely. The official result of the three-member vote will be announced this week after deliberations, however the un-official result of the board’s vote was known the day after the 2010 election. Hang on for the non-spoiler alert….the Naperville electoral board will vote 3-0 to deny the objection, thereby putting their stamp of approval for a do-over vote.

This is so obvious that it is embarrassing to anyone with a IQ above their shoe size. The bottom line is that the Naperville city council does not want to change how council members are elected. The reason is simple…they all want to keep things as they are including their positions on the city council. If the Naperville city council allowed residents to vote using the new system, then most council members could and most likely would lose their election and get booted out office. Is it any wonder why the Naperville Electoral Board consisting of two council members and one council appointee, along with the appointed city attorney would so blatantly embarrass themselves.

Watch and listen as Naperville city council candidate  Tom Glass “outs” the Naperville electoral board, ‘blows the whistle for unsportsmanlike conduct’ on the board’s part, and reminds them that they will again be likely found in violation FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act); a violation that all too often Naperville officials encroach.

Caution….getting between a local Naperville politician and their insatiable desire for power and control over residents can be a hazard to your health or your dog’s life. Just ask the two Naperville mom’s (Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl) who were arrested for protecting their homes and family’s health from Naperville city officials, or the resident who was concerned about his dog’s life if he didn’t relent to city manager Doug Krieger’s mandate for city workers and police to do ‘whatever is necessary’ to forcefully enter residents’ premises.

When Naperville city officials lose the do-over vote, how about another do-over and go for three out of five.

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