Bad Day For Naperville Residents; Worse Day For Naperville City Officials

Naperville city officials from the city council, to the electoral board, to the city manager, the city attorney, and the Naperville police had a terrible day on Thursday. And it was only made terrible because they tried to bully, push, threaten, and intimidate Naperville residents.

While the Naperville Electoral Board was trying to bully, push, threaten, intimidate, and shutdown Naperville resident Paul Sjordal’s attorney Doug Ibendahl in the city hall building regarding a re-do vote on a 2010 referendum, Naperville city officials were doing the same on the streets and at the homes of Naperville residents by utilizing city workers and police to bully, push, threaten, and intimidate residents by forceful installation of smart meters on the homes of those against the installation of those meters.

The Naperville city council along with city manager Doug Krieger have made Naperville the new Cicero of the western suburbs. What’s happening in Naperville politics makes Chicago and Cicero look like wholesome government operations.

The first atrocity occurred at Naperville city hall during a hearing of the Naperville Electoral Board hearing on whether or not to approve a binding referendum seeking to keep the current process of electing city council members at large. In 2010 Naperville residents voted by a landslide to change to a ward type of representation. The city of Napeville said they couldn’t implement it until 2015 (five years) Now a small group comes forward and in essence wants a do-over vote to reverse the 2010 vote. The Naperville Electoral Board, consisting of council members Mayor Pradel and Doug Krause, along with city attorney Margo Ely and city clerk Pam LaFeber are making it too obvious that they would prefer a do-over vote, and as such are making it difficult if not impossible for attorney Doug Ibendahl (representing objector Paul Sjordal) to deny the referendum.

Watch and listen as Ibendahl corners city attorney Margo Ely on an apparent ‘non-truth’, and she quickly and nervously tries to shut him down, then Mayor Pradel jumps on like a street mugging, and then council member Doug Krause jumps in claiming ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ on Ibendahl with Krause’s own unsportsmanlike conduct. The pivoting point is when Ibendahl asks for it to be put in the record, and Mayor Pradel, in King George fashion, denies the request. How ridiculous when it’s already available to the world on video.

Now while all this is going on in city hall, Naperville city officials are having residents arrested at their homes for protecting their homes and families from the forced installation of smart meters (electric). The issue is still in federal court awaiting a decision, yet Naperville officials in the form of the city council and city manager (Doug Krieger) are employing fear and intimidation on Naperville residents.

Naperville police arrested two mothers (Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl) for protecting their homes and families, while one resident was concerned his dog might get shot if he tried to protect his home. Watch and listen to Naperville residents

It was a bad day for all Naperville residents, and an even worse day for Naperville officials.

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    This is a sample of things of this nature going on in our beloved country!
    It is how the chicago bosses operate and their like-kind in Washington DC.
    ‘SHUT-UP, SIT-DOWN WE ARE IN CHARGE NOW” And it’s only getting
    worse. ‘FOUR MORE YEARS’ If we all are able to live thru it! They have divided our country and they control the police.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    To our tea party friends in the state and nationally our city government has declared war on stay at home moms, disabled and seniors by the use of shear thuggery. Class action law suits will no doubt be forthcoming claiming abrogation of our civil rights, abrogation of our 4th, 5th and 14th amendment rights, illegal arrests, illegal use of police etc. etc.

    Regardless of where you stand with respect to smart meters you should be very concerns about this type of blatant thuggery! This article gives you most of the history plus many video links which will show the thugs in action.

    This type of activity is abhorrent in a country comprised of a Constitution and citizen’s rights. If they can attack your property, install devices on your home against you wishes, lock you up for protesting and filming these events then we no longer live in America. Cry not for us but for yourselves for as sure as this has and is happening it will happen to you unless you stand up and fight against these types of abuses.

  3. Amanda Rykov

    Watchdog, I’m so glad you publish these video clips. The public may not have time to watch the entire hearing, so the City, attorney, officials, etc. can slip through and do whatever they want. They obviously “are under a time constraint” and don’t want lies, deception, or any other tactics to be pointed out. Great job– posting these for all the world to see!

  4. Buck Naper

    I am attaching a hyperlink to a video that shows just how corrupt Naperville has become! King Krieger has figured that he and his staff are above the law that governs the rest of us. Give it a view, it’s short but really hits the nail on the head.

  5. Sandy Glass

    A scary video of King Krieger telling reporters that he will have 100% compliance was interesting. Strange how Krieger doesn’t apply the same standards to himself. He is 1.7 million over budget, and the free cash flow of the electric company is a negative 10 million dollars. The “Days of the Long Knives” against citizens continued today, as these thugs put a “dumb” meter on our private property, against our will, without our consent, and against our values. They are demanding an extortion payment of $24.95 dollars a month (our bill is only about $70.00 a month) to read these non-wired monitoring devices. Meanwhile, our City Council of Useful Idiots just voted to pay another $300,000.00 to manually read the meters anyway. A long time friend and resident of Wheaton called recently and said, “When are they going to get rid of that city manager of yours?”

    By the way, my husband is a Vietnam Veteran. He never dreamed that he would have his property, home, security and privacy violated by bullies and thugs like Krieger and Curran, who are forcing, their own agenda on citizens.

  6. Sandy Glass

    It’s been reported that the city continued to harass citizens yesterday with police threatening citizens with arresti if they recorded the action, to protect themselves. Who is legally advising the police or supevisors to use this tactic and why? Who orchestrated this scheme? A what meeting were these tactics decided, and was that meeting posted for the public to attend?

    Kim and Jen need help defending themselves. We have all heard how health care is unaffordable. Add to that list the cost of legal defense to protect our civil rights, when laws that have been ruled unconstitutional continue to be enforced to intimidate and punish citizens when participating in their own government. Worse yet, the city can bankrupt citizens with these outrageous tactics, using our tax payer money. I wonder how often this scheme can be used to punish or intimidate citizens who vigorouslt disagree with their government?

    Is there a list of people to be targeted? Who will be next?

  7. Sandy Glass

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Voltaire

    Watched your video again last night and couldn’t believe the mad dog like response from the “Electorial Board” seemed like gross intimidation to cover up the facts. The same thing happened regarding the non binding smart meter referendum, and to Jo Malik at the council meetings.

    We need to sell this government owned electric company monopoly, rebate the proceeds to the taxpayers, or at least begin to pay back some of the unfunded pensions. Our rates are much higher than surrounding communities. Get rid of the draconian law that forbids our citizens from participating in the free market of energy providers (Curran gets to do it in Bolingbrook).

  8. Dismayd

    The hypocrisy at work in Naperville government would be laughable if it were not appalling. Apparently it is legal for the City, using the smart meter, to surveille the activities of its residents but it is not legal for the residents, using a camcorder, to surveille the activities of the City while the naperville police chief collects his pension in addition to a sizable salary thereby adding to state’s pension woes and giving reason for state’s downgraded credit rating adding cost to borrowing for all citizens of Illinois. These public servants and peoples’ representatives are betraying the public’s trust and serving their own interests when they should be leading by exemplary behavior that is selfless and above reproach.

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