Liberal Group Calls Conservative Group Hateful…Yawn

The radically far Left activist group named the Southern Poverty Law Center just published a list of nearly 1,000 groups it self-defines as “hate groups”. It included the Naperville-based Awake as amongst those announced as hateful.

Not included on their list are Antifa and/or the countless supporters of its destructive cause.

Not included on their list is BLM despite their tens of millions of dollars in missing donations and cities burned in its name across America.

Not included on their list are countless anti-Semitic and anti-Israel groups that have sprouted up all over American colleges to bully Jewish students and others who dare question the horrors committed by Hamas.

We patiently await SPLC’s lawsuit in defense of terrorized Jewish students. Terror which is happening in America daily. We know they never will fight Jewish students…their aim is to promote radical woke ideology, not justice.

If you want to experience something funny, ask your local liberal why they hate either Awake or its leader Shannon Adcock. You will see a blank stare and fumbling of words because they have no answer … it’s just what liberal activists tell them to feel. Complete sheep.

Awake has posted some over the top memes and comments. So what…every other politico these days has too. We have it on good source Ian Holzhauer has been called in by City legal over his social media use more than once. Shall we deem his campaign committee a hate group too?

The Watchdog doesn’t agree with everything Awake puts out and promotes. But all Americans should find it simply horrifying that all it takes is for some radical group of wing nuts calling a group with opposing group a “hate group” to be set aside or worse…punished. Cancelled.

Naperville take this pronouncement by SPLC against one of your fellow residents with a great big grain of salt. Today they cast Awake as a hate group. Tomorrow – and the second you question the woke religion – it will be you and your family being targeted for investigation.

Orwell was prophetic … 1984 is officially here.

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  1. Bill McCormick

    Invoking Orwell? C’mon, Dog! Orwell’s 1984 was published as a warning against totalitarianism. SPLC may be a lot of things, but a totalitarian government it ain’t. The defensive response and Awake’s obtuse website lead me to wonder whether you and Awake aren’t the hit dogs hollerin’. I don’t wanna believe it, but the bark is hurtin’ my ears.

    • Robert Hacker

      One could argue the SPLC is the custodian of Newspeak.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    The quote posted comes from the records of a Republican controlled Judiciary Committee Chaired by Comer in May. This quote is from Comer and doesn’t identify the Federal Judges who supposedly made this statement but does say it is from a 2019 case.

    It should be noticed that this statement by Comer, aside from not identifying which judges or what cases were involved, also avoids saying what the ruling in these cases were. There were several case filed by conservative groups against SPLC in 2019. The cases that have been settled, were settled with outcomes in the SPLC’s favor.

    In fact one such case (D. James Kennedy Ministries vs SPLC) in Alabama a judge (U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson) in 2019 ruled that the SPLC is protected by the same 1st amendment right that many conservatives and conservative groups argue protect them when they talk about election fraud, undocumented immigrants, conspiracy theories, etc.

    In light of the Watchdog’s claim there are organizations on the left that support antisemitism I ask, “why not name them?”. Why use vague and elusive statements to defend this post? Give out some facts, some details, something you can actually hang your hat on!!!

    Conservatives are constantly harping on the BLM movement, focusing on the handful of protests were property was damaged but not bothering to mention that law enforcement, time and again, found it was not BLM members responsible. But gang members, people that did not belong to BLM but were convicted criminals, etc. It is hardly surprising that criminals would try to exploit these protest for personal gain. And the BLM protests are not the first time in US history that peaceful protests were exploited in this way.

    As to Shannon Adcock, the constant efforts by conservatives in Naperville to whitewash her history, past comments and past actions (to long to list here) is failing mostly because she continues this behavior. Providing new fuel daily.

    • Josh McBroom

      I’m curious, as to your claim that the author must produce actual evidence of other advocacy group’s culpability in alleged “hate crimes”- you refer to antisemitism. In same breath you seem to absolve groups like BLM whose activities have frequently resulted in violence, and yes death- as routine “peaceful protests” that have always been exploited by others unaffiliated with said groups. Also, in the same breath, lecture the author on whitewashing Mrs Adcocks “history” of past “actions”- without producing actual “evidence” you demand of the author. Sure appears like you may not be objective here.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        Mrs Adcock’s involvement and association with Right wing organizations that have been identified as hate groups has a long history and has been pointed out every time on social media outlets.

        Anyone that has actually followed Adcock’s activities, like the Watchdog, are well aware of them. The Watchdog has commented on the controversy surrounding Adcock many times over the years. And since my comments on Adcock were directed at the Watchdog I should not need to provide the Watchdog with a list of his own statements on the issue.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        I am not the one that absolved the BLM of any of the crimes commented during BLM protests, local law enforcement has done this. For example the BLM protests in downtown Naperville; local law enforcement identified all the parties involved in the crimes committed during this protest as gang members, with one notable exception. This exception was a gentleman identified by the FBI as a suspect in bombing in other communities.

        Clearly BLM can not be blamed for outsiders exploiting these protests anymore then any other organization can be blamed. Has not the right used this very defense for the January 6th attacks? Violence at Anti-abortions rallies? Conflicts at Trump Rallies? etc.

        Peaceful rallies and protests are a security dilemma. These events are constitutionally protected but basically impossible to “police” and make sure everyone participating is their for peaceful purposes. Yes, there is increased incidents of radial left groups causing violence at these events, but radical right groups are still far more prevalent.

        Lets be clear, while the SPLC is the most prominent organizations for identifying hate groups it is not the only one. The Anti-Defamation League, Koch Institute, Bard College to name a few all do the same thing. There are also many government organizations that do this as well, the FBI, Homeland Security as well as dozens of state law enforcement organizations. Such lists are considered a matter of public safety.

        Anytime a group, such as the KKK or the Illinois Family Institute, appear on a hate group list from multiple organizations that maintain such lists, it is reasonable to assume a consensus has been reached as to the true nature of such an group or organization. BLM is not on anyone’s hate group list, private or government (again law enforcement exonerations).

        • Robert Hacker

          Your rantings are getting more and more bizarre . Equating the Illinois Family Institute with the Democrat party founded KKK is beyond ridiculous. Also , BLM is a Marxist movement not a membership club therefore the billions in damage can be directly attributed to BLM.

          • Jim Haselhorst

            First the BLM does not met any of the internationally accepted standards for being called a Marxist movement.

            Second the BLM is both a movement and a decentralized collection of organizations (i.e. BLM Chapters exist as does a national leadership).

            Finally, even if you look at BLM as only a movement then this movements stated objectives of peaceful protests alone make it clear that any violence or crimes committed during these protests are not in part of this movement. A fact supported by the investigative results of local law enforcement.

          • Jim Haselhorst

            Clearly you know nothing of the true history of the KKK, which was founded as a secret society in Tennessee by a group of Confederate soldiers (no one from the North or Democratic Party was involved).

            It grew in popularity in the south because of the Reconstructionist policies in the south of the Republican controlled government. Policies intended to disenfranchise southern whites who supported the Confederacy and Southern Secession.

            These Reconstructionist policies effective everyone in the south without regard to political affiliation. Anyone who held a position in the a southern government or military (be they politically left, moderate or right leaning) was banned from holding office in the south.

            This lead to northern exploiters (carpetbaggers-mostly Republicans) moving to the south to enrich themselves at the expense of southerners, which lead to the southern resentment of the northerns that inspired the creation of the KKK.

            So if any political party can be attributed with “creating” the KKK it is the Republican party and it members for their retribution activities for southern succession and the civil war.

        • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

          Thus by your own words… “I am not the one that absolved the BLM of any of the crimes commented during BLM protests,” immediately followed by “Clearly BLM can not be blamed for outsiders exploiting these protests anymore then any other organization can be blamed” is not a contradiction? Let me guess, this is “clarification”? No, no, wait… it’s “Russian disinformation”? You “mis-spoke”?

          • Jim Haselhorst

            Thanks for partially quoting me out of context. As I stated it was local law enforcement that exonerated BLM of any crimes or acts of violence committed not me.

            The comment about protest exploitation was not immediately following, it was a different paragraph. If you don’t learn to understand the grammatical significance of this comment being in a completely different paragraph in public school it would be pointless for me to try and teach this to you now.

  3. Mark Urda

    Thanks to Jim Haselhorst for your well crafted response to CCWD diatribe and to Bill McCormick correct observation “The defensive response and Awake’s obtuse website lead me to wonder whether you and Awake aren’t the hit dogs hollerin’.” To paraphrase an old saying, If barks like a dog, and walks like a dog, it’s a dog. Now as who is the voice of this dog, a recent post extolling Chris Jacks attendance at Naper Settlement music event attended by CCWD and his picture with a former councilman and Safe Suburbs founder at this event is pretty good clue.

  4. Joan murray

    Hmm the council watchdog simping for a radical naperville right wing group…say it ain’t so.. We are not surprised

    • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

      Joan- not sure if you know what “simping” actually means to be using it in the context, but WOW!! Do you actually use that nasty mouth for polite conversation? That’s the level that you feel you want to communicate with the community? Simping? During Pride Month no less. Shame, shame on you.

      ‘Dog seems to be doing exactly what the Our Statement/Mission/Vision suggests was intended. A lively, engaging discussion by, of, and for our Community, with a weather-eye to City Hall and their responsible management of our trust in them. And while none would worry that the bar for your surprise will be any kind of summit, we are happy to know that responsible ‘Dog curation has met your expectations.

      • Joan Murray

        They are simping. Dog does vets focusing on city council

  5. Buckgrove

    Shannon Adcock is still here? I thought she left…

  6. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    Guys- this is a new low. A comment thread 5 branches deep on this topic? Makes us all look like public school products, cackling ad hominem jabs at each other. If we just stipulate that everybody who feels the last word was needed, has won the battle against the windmill, and get back on topic of how wrong it is to draw up lists to categorize our neighbors please?

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Interesting comment considering it is usually your comments that are the ones which are less on topic, tend to branch out beyond the scope of the post and focus more on the person making the comment then the content of the comment.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      There are lots of organizations, on both the left and right sided of the political spectrum, who’s founders have been “exposed” as less then saints or having socially questionable views, that are still going strong today.

      Thankfully society as a whole tends to judge organizations based on the volume of their work and it social value or impact and less on the behavior of the imperfect humans that founded them.

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