Council Election 2025 Begins!

We already have one candidate who has stepped up to enter the 2025 Naperville City Council election….Meghna Bansal is entering the field and over the weekend announced her campaign kickoff event to take place next week. Many more candidates are expected to enter the field soon.

Bansal boasts a very solid record of community service and municipal experience. She currently serves on Naperville’s Planning and Zoning Commission. She served in an elected capacity on Wheatland Townships Board of Trustees. She also served on the White Eagle Homeowners Association Board.

History suggests Bansal will have a very good chance as Naperville voters have been very embracing of 5th place finishers (the top 4 finishers being those elected to seats on the dais). Bansal having missed a seat by less than 50 votes in 2023. Ugh!

In 2015, both Patty Gustin and Kevin Coyne were elected to City Council after 5th place near misses in their respective opening attempts.

In 2017, Julie Berkowicz came in 5th place but then promptly won election to the Will County Board in 2018.

In 2021, Allison Longenbaugh lost a heartbreaker to Jennifer Taylor. She came back and won a seat handily in 2023.

it seems the only exception to the history of 5th place finishers not finding their way into office is limited to those who gave up and didn’t run again.

It appears there is no give up in Bansal as she is aggressively starting her campaign early for the 2025 cycle.

The Watchdog wishes Bansal good luck and appreciates her and all those candidates who do not give up after disappointing setbacks. Such people demonstrate they are tough, resilient, and really want to serve. We need more of such people in government.

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  1. Naperville Liberation Front

    Sounds like the watchdog is already supporting Bansal.

    • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

      Cute- amateur trolling tactics directly out of the Russian Misinformation Ministry. You will stop trying to trick to good people of Naperville. The Actual NNLF has not endorsed anybody. You will know when we do.

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