Longenbaugh: It’s Only $115,000

Longenbaugh: it’s Only $115,000

Up until last Tuesday’s meeting, freshman council member Allison Longenbaugh was having a very solid rookie season. She seems prepared and communicates well with residents online. But at the end of the day it’s how one votes which matters most and in arguing for council to move forward with an expensive DEI program proposal, Longenbaugh uttered a phrase which will be very hard for residents to forget….

She said “it’s only $115,000”.

Clearly someone needs to check her privilege.

$115,000 is a lot of money no matter how you cut it. The cliche Illinois official approach to cavalierly spending such amounts is how and why Illinois residents now face a crushing tax burden that forces many of our retirees out of State.

The balance of council wisely questioned the need for this expensive DEI program. Are there not more affordable ways to force this political indoctrination upon our staff?

Council should NOT spend taxpayer dollars on more DEI initiatives. Naperville already has spent considerable dollars hiring an upper management DEI Director. Now we’re supposed to pay for an expensive consultant too?

No way.

Council need to “ceasefire” with political initiatives and divisive drama. Get back to just managing the day to day business of the City. DEI programs have lost their luster and the idea that such an expensive program was even presented is itself outrageous.


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  1. J

    Good God. A trivial expense to whine about.

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