Holzhauer Throws Colleagues Under the Bus…Again

We’ve all worked with someone like this. A narcissistic personality, under the belief that the world revolves around themself.  Naperville’s council has one of these to contend with in Ian Holzhauer.

At the last council meeting, Holzhauer made the comment that “he wants to get rid of our Home Rule Sales Tax but unfortunately there is no will on the dais to do it”.


The Home Rule Sales Tax was passed in 2015 and raises millions of dollars annually from outside of Naperville. The proceeds from this tax offset our real estate tax levy and is a principal reason why Naperville’s City tax levy is the lowest in the State for any City of our size…and it’s not close.

Apparently Holzhauer would rather have Naperville residents pay higher taxes on their homes then see outside spenders pay it while unloading disposable income into our City. Hmm, do we have to wonder why the guy well known for having no tax levy on his house wants our taxes pushed there?

We know Holzhauer certainly wouldn’t cut the millions lost from the budget should the tax really go away. He who supports all spending from our new gaudy signs to six figure DEI programs. Is he saying he wants to cut police and fire personnel…that certainly is what would have to happen if Holzhauer’s idea were actually implemented.

We call on council to cite Ian for yet another Code of Conduct violation with his insulting provocation. We also call on council to call out his disingenuous suggestion by someone else up there seriously motioning to drop the tax and seek his second. He’d turn purple. His sincerity behind his idea to kill the sales tax is at the same level as his desire for a Ceasefire resolution to be considered by council.

I.E. zero.



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