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For the past 12.5 years Watchdog has posted at least weekly, and for the first five years it was twice weekly for a total of 881 postings. When Watchdog began, a councilman said Watchdog wouldn’t last a year; a slight underestimation on his part. Some weeks there are so many topics from which to choose, Watchdog lines up postings on a runway, other weeks finding something to write about is a challenge, but come the weekend a post is published.

Much depends upon the quality of the council members since they provide most of the material. Some of the more quote-worthy council members included: Boyajian, Brodhead (chickens don’t bark), Coyne, Fieseler, Furstenau, Hinterlong, Krause, Krummen, McElroy, Miller (Kenn the second ‘n’ is silent, and Wehrli (Grant).

All three mayors during the Watchdog years have been outstanding; Pradel (4 years), Chirico (8 years), and Scott Wehrli in his first year.

Reader’s comments have been civil; only once has Watchdog toned-down the wording of a comment. Readers have taken issue with some of Watchdog’s opinions; all have been published. Which gets me to the point of this posting. If any reader would like to have their viewpoint published by Watchdog, simply submit your comment in a posting. Keep it in good taste, and something that pertains to Naperville and the city council.

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  1. Awake Napervillian

    Now that the D-2 reports have been filed we know that sham mayoral candidate, Tiffany stephens campaign was completely funded by safe suburbs. $7400 from
    Safe suburbs went to stephens. This is the largest amount SS spent this election. Many voters are concerned about this alleged collusion between coyne and stephens as a ploy to take votes from benny white.

    Stephens never said anything bad about Scott Wehrli but any chance candidate stephens got she attacked Benny white. It was quite obvious her campaign was bought and paid for by Kevin coyne and safe suburbs.

    Has a political action committee ever fully funded a candidate for naperville mayor to take votes away from another candidate?

    Wake up naperville

    • Naperville Progessives

      Benny lost because everyone knew he wasn’t a good candidate for the position. Not paying property taxes when you post pictures of yourself having a grand old time around Naperville and going to the Super Bowl doesn’t help either. Benny lost, get over it.

      • Safe suburbanite

        Stephens lost because everyone knew she was a sham candidate fully backed by Kevin coyne.

        • Anonymous

          She didn’t lose because she was a sham candidate. Everyone knew she was going to lose regardless. But even if Kevin Coyne DID do this, which I know he didn’t, what’s wrong with it? Mike Madigan and his cronies have been doing this for YEARS yet not a peep on here from any of you left wingers about it. Hypocrite much? Yeah, you love it when it works for YOU but when it works against you, you cry like a bunch of babies. Just admit the truth you fakers.

          • Bob “not anonymous” Smith

            Yes Kevin coyne did do this. The receipts are there. Why did he pay her almost $8000? He didn’t give any candidate that much money. Much of it was given after the election. It was coynes second largest expense
            Reported. You’re a hypocrite if you are mad one side does it and not the other.

    • Joan Murray

      Thank you awake American for making me aware of this. Shady naperville republicans for sure. They had to do that to ensure Wehrli won. Here is the link to the expenses. Kevin coyne paid her a lot of money after the election. I’ll be sending this to the naperville sun

  2. Anonymous

    Great read about the latest handwringing about the heat. I am eagerly awaiting Jim Haselhorst’s expert counter point, but don’t hold your breath, he won’t get into the meat of the article since he doesn’t comprehend it. But Naperville will continue to pursue dumb “sustainable” energy garbage to look cool.

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