Could Mayoral Candidate Benny White Become The New Doug Krause

‘Never give up’  mayoral candidate Doug Krause ran for mayor in 2007 and lost. It happened again in 2011, and then again in 2015; and then he ‘gave up’. Could that happen to this year’s mayoral candidate Benny White?

Word on the street has it that Tiffany Stevens, also a candidate for mayor decided to run in order to split the vote, clearing a path for mayoral candidate Scott Wehrli to win the election for mayor of Naperville. It wouldn’t take much to tip the scale by splitting the vote. It should be obvious which vote could be split. Think about it. It’s the ‘third rail’ in politics that’s the hot topic that everyone tries to avoid, but everyone knows exists. It’s taboo to talk about it.

It’s baseball. Wehrli leans right with Cubbie blue, while both White and Stephens supposedly are flaming Sox fans. Stephens has all but disappeared from the campaign trail, however she could pull enough votes from White to guarantee him a second-place finish thereby jettisoning White down the same road as Krause, unless he ‘gives up’ sooner.


  1. Thank you once again for thinking about me, and continuing to change the narrative about the reason why I am running for Naperville Mayor. What reasons would I have behind splitting the votes from one of the mayor candidates, I am working so hard to become the next woman mayor of Naperville. I have lived in Naperville for twenty five years, I founded a nonprofit organization in 2008 in Naperville for Kids and teens. I have put sweat equity in our communities every day all day working with the schools and the parents, providing safe rides for kids and teens. When I picked up my packet from the city of Naperville to run for mayor, it did not say do not run for mayor because you will split the votes. This mayoral election is not about power, it is about the voters of Naperville choosing the person they honestly believe can lead the people and represent the city of Naperville through great leadership. I have earned the right to be on the ballot, and I believe I have earned the right to be elected mayor. I have a grass root campaign and I have knocked on doors and walked through the Naperville communities day and night all by myself. I have meet every resident in person that signed my petition and I received hundreds of signatures over the amount to qualify. The residents were so happy and excited that a woman would be on the ballot as a mayoral candidate. I was the first African American to run for a seat on Naperville City Council in 2011, that opened the door for Benny White to sit on Naperville City Council as of today. I would like to thank you Robert Fieseler Sr. (Former Naperville City Councilman) for telling me in a phone conversation, that I could have won the election for Naperville City Council in 2011, but the Democratic Party felt like I was a Jesse Jackson and they were looking for an Obama and I still do not know what that means to this day. Please explain the meaning of this comment Robert Fieseler (the disrespect). I have been bullied and threatened for years to stay away from government in Naperville, while only trying to serve my community in the best and honest way possible. My faith in a higher power along with my children being all grown up, has given me the strength to now run for mayor of Naperville. The Chicago style pay to play politics in a non partisan election, is one added reason why I decided to become a mayoral candidate. We should not allow this kind of rhetoric to bring confusion, lies and partisan politics to our residents and voter in our wonderful city of Naperville. My campaign got off to a slow start due to my nomination petitions being challenged by Arian Ahmadpour who is part of the Will County Democrats. I had to fight twice to stay on the ballot, and while fighting to stay on the ballot, Benny White’s campaign went behind my back with one of my greatest mentors Jesse White and negotiated and endorsed. I had a phone conversation with Jesse White and he was completely confused about the information he was given about my campaign. That’s when I realized people will do anything to win. I Tiffany Stephens has not been missing in action. I just refuse to attend forums that has already endorsed, favored or doesn’t show me respect as a woman mayoral candidate. I have attended several professional forums, including the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday. It was such a great parade celebration and a awesome outing for families and residents to have fun together. I am the only woman on the ballot and I would love to have your vote for mayor of Naperville. It has been proven in today’s elections that when women rise into leadership roles, they bring a unique multitasking experience into government that leads to strong decisions- making and equality government. My 3 step promise to the voters and the resident of Naperville. I promise to listen to the voice of the people of Naperville. I promise to learn about the issues that are important to you. I promise to lead by example in the community and in the city of Naperville. I love this quote, every man for himself; way of living is not working for us. It thinks only of individual survival. The womanist way does not focus on individual survival- it is concerned with the flourishing of the community. Please vote Tiffany Stephens for Naperville mayor. I promise I won’t let you down, I will be the greatest woman mayor alongside former woman Naperville mayor Margaret ‘Peg’ Price. ( May you Rest In Peace) ??????

  2. Tiffany Stephens

    Hello this is Tiffany Stephens a candidate for mayor of Naperville. I made a comment yesterday and it was deleted. If you are going to write false articles about my campaign, please let me leave a comment. It is definitely two sides to a story.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    Tiffany Stevens did post on the Watch Dog that she was not actively campaign because she is relying on the power of prayer and God’s will to get her elected Mayor.

    This sounds more like a conservative campaign approach then liberal, making her more of a challenge for Wehrli than White.

    Either way I would not count on her getting a significant enough amount of votes to impact this election.

  4. Kurt D

    Benny’s wife won’t let him quit. Wonder why they aren’t posting so many pictures of them with Dana Davenport lately? Kim and Dana both think Naperville is a horribly racist town. Remember the Buffalo Wild Wings incident in Naperville a few years back? Remember how the White’s jumped all over that as proof of how racist Naperville is? Then when word came out there was video of the incident, guess who fought tooth and nail to prevent the release of that video? Kim White! I wonder why?

    • Jim Haselhorst

      First there was more then one racism incident that year. There was also the incident at the Bucky’s gas station just down the road from this Buffalo Wild Wings. Then there was the Nazi graffiti spared on the Park District structure. And also there were multiple racists incidents reported in the downtown area (one of them personally witnessed by me). So racism does still exist in Naperville and anyone claiming differently is turning a blind eye to it, which is exact the behavior that is causing this problem to persist yet today.

      Second speaking out about these incidents does not mean a person is claiming Naperville is “a horribly racist town”. But residents that try to marginalize these people for speaking out about the fact this problem still exist in Naperville does reflect badly on Naperville and it empower racism in Naperville.

      The Buffalo Wild Wings incident not only got local media attention but national. I had relatives in other parts of the country calling me to ask about it. This was not the work of the Kim, Benny or Ms. Davenport, it was the work of the victims of this incident as well as the management and owners of Buffalo Wild Wings who engaged the media extensively over this incident. So if you have a problem with the way people responded take it up with the Management and Owners of this restaurant chain.

      • Emily

        Why are Scott Wehrli supporters resorting to race baiting? They are getting desperate. So much division coming from local republicans since they lost control of naperville.

  5. Mark Bree

    Scott Wehrli campaigned for and supported Catalina lauff the far right candidate who thinks there are litter boxes in school classrooms in DuPage county. This says enough for me to vote for Benny White. Kurt Dorr doesn’t even live in Naperville, ignore him.

    • Kurt D

      Biggest Democratic corruption trial coming up in Chicago since the Democrats were busted in Operation Greylord and not a peep from Democrats in Naperville about all the corrupt money Yang-Rohr and Ellman took from Madigan. An ethical politician would have returned the money and apologized for taking it, but not in Naperville! The Democrats love and support corruption in Naperville as long as they win! Says all you need to know about their values and ethics. They have none.

      • Mark Bree

        Dumbest comment. Those candidates aren’t even running. vote for who you want, oh wait, you can’t vote because you don’t live here!

  6. DianeM & NancieT

    We would like to encourage everyone to vote for Dr. Benny White for Mayor and the progressives on the list for city council. Naperville has been a sundown and racist town for far too long. It’s time to change that narrative. We have a historic opportunity to correct the racial wrongs of Naperville’s past this April. With Benny as mayor we can start to emulate the great towns like Evanston and Oak Park. Hopefully Dr. White will initiate a discussion on paying our black residents reparations so that we can finally start to address the horrible wrongs of our slave past. If Evanston and San Francisco can pay reparations we can too in Naperville!

  7. Kurt D

    Read the story below on Ashley South’s irresponsible behavior. If she wants to harm herself with her driving that’s one thing, but to put others at danger shows she has no regard for anyone but herself. I do not care how old she was when all this happened. She was an adult and it shows she has no business being on Naperville City Council. She’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  8. Ed

    Disappointed in Scott Wehrli and getting caught misleading voters again. His name was in a flyer hosting a far right politician and now he is trying to distance himself from this very real flyer and event. Facts are stubborn Scott Wehrli and naperville doesn’t fall for your lies.

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