Candidates Named, Field Is Set, Stampede Begins

Let the countdown begin; 121 days until the Naperville municipal election. Three mayoral candidates have filed nominating petitions including:

  • Scott Wehrli, Naperville Liquor Commissioner
  • Benny White, Naperville City Councilman
  • Tiffany Stephens, Founder Kids Teen Rider

In addition, 11 candidates have filed paperwork for four Naperville city council seats including:

Naperville Library Board Members

  • Allison Longenbaugh
  • Ashfaq Syed

Naperville Chamber of Commerce 2020 Award Winners

  • Rebecca Malotke-Meslin
  • Derek McDaniel

Naperville Human and Fair Housing Commission members

  • Nag Jaiswal
  • Nathan Wilson

Naperville Park Board Commissioner

  • Josh McBroom

Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force

  • Jodi Trendler

Current Naperville city council member

  • Patrick Kelly

Wheaton Township Board Trustee

  • Meghna Bansal

Chief Editor Main and Lux Magazine

  • Ashley South

Four current Naperville city council members will not be running re-election including:

  • Mayor Mayor Steve Chirico decided not to run for third and final term
  • Theresa Sullivan decided not to run for re-election
  • Paul Hinterlong termed-out
  • Patty Gustin elected to DuPage County Board

It looks like name tags will be in order when the new city council meets in spring.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    Since when is it a crime for any member of the liquor commissioners to have a drink in a local restaurant? I doubt you will find one that has not. It raises the question of why anyone would be so focused are making a federal case out a commissioner choosing to have a glass of wine with their diner?

    This whole narrative sounds more like a ramp up to start the kind of dirty election campaign tricks in our local elections that have basically turned our state and federal elections into a three ring circuses that turns off voters.

    I mean really, do we need to be introducing lame conspiracy theories into our municipal elections? Conspiracy theories that have no bases in fact, but are only supported by vague innuendo and suppositions?

    We should be focused on doing things that encourage more Naperville residents to participate and vote in city elections not copying behavior that has been proven to turn off voters and keep them from caring, getting involved and voting.

  2. Jim Hofman

    Meghna Bansal is a Wheatland Township Board Member, not Wheaton. Wheatland Township covers part of south Naperville, east Aurora, north Plainfield, and west Bolingbrook. Meghna has been a Trustee at Wheatland Township for a couple years now and does a great job.

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