Naperville City Council Win Is DuPage County Board Loss

Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico could have been busy filling three city council member vacancies from Tuesday’s elections, but as it turned out, only one member (Patty Gustin) will likely need to be replaced. Jennifer Bruzan Taylor decided not to run for 41st District state rep due to “personal family matters”, and councilman Paul Leong was soundly trounced in his bid to be elected to District 81 of the Illinois State House. There’s nothing like a brutal election defeat to make a person want to stay on the Naperville city council.

Gustin chose to enter a contest for DuPage County 5th District which made her chances of winning a sure thing. Four candidates were running for three seats making it very difficult for her to not be elected. Gustin tries to avoid one-on-one elections. Running for city council has been very appealing to her, considering if she can garner enough votes to be in the top four, she gets elected, proving you don’t have to win to get elected.

Gustin is considering whether or not to leave her position on the city council. She said, “if the city council needs me” she would stay along with being on the county board”; she might even run for mayor. Considering she is one of the weakest council members if not the weakest, there are probably 50,000 residents more qualified to fill her position on the council. By leaving the council, Naperville wins while the county board loses.

As for running for mayor, that won’t work for her, considering only one person can be elected.

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