Annual Leaf-Pick-up Posting

Well, here we are again. It’s that time of the year, when the City of Naperville’s three-cycle leaf pick-up program begins. We are in the second week of the second cycle and the program is already behind schedule. If there’s one thing that’s consistent about the program it’s if it works as designed, it’s a miracle.

The worst cycle is the third cycle, beginning November 14th and ending November 26th. It’s a race to see if the leaves can be picked up before possible snow covers wet piles of leaves causing drains to be covered, and the chance of seeing a street sweeper tidy things up diminishes to zero.

Residents work diligently to keep up their end of the deal. Leaves are deposited at curbside in a timely manner, with residents hoping to hear the sound of leaf-trucks in their neighborhoods. Many residents are meticulous about following the guidelines while being very creative with leaf placement. Some neighbors have leaf piles so high that it looks like a miniature Mt. McKinley (aka Denali).

If weather including wind, wasn’t enough of a challenge, now you can add large vehicles of all kinds tying to demolish beautiful piles of leaves; mail trucks, Amazon/Prime trucks, FedEx, UPS, and of course garbage trucks taking two-foot piles and condensing them into 4-inch high bricks.

Naperville’s leaf pick-up program is a classic example between man and nature.

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  1. LEN Kowalski

    Yes, Happy New Leaf Year-2022. Whatever the schedule, weather or redundant explanations, West Highland’s received another doozie. According to an inquiry we made last week Tuesday, Elmwood is in a different Zone than Robin Hill. No reasoning just not the same crew so as the good neighbors and children from Elmwood School worked their courtesies on October 29th, most of the neighborhood also took the charge anticipating the second PU, particularly since crews were on Robin Hill on Halloween Day. Nope, the wet storms that helped the process the week before and anticipation on Halloween expecting the Leaf Pick Up Goblins that week, were MIA. So the Elwood School area, West to Robin Hill waited as they obviously Gerrymandered Robin Hills upgraded location. Fortunately, this weekend’s storms and winds allowed us to share our leaves, North and South, East and West as we are a friendly sharing West Highlands. Better luck This week. Be safe everyone.

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