Naper Notify Works, More People Could Benefit

Lately it’s a surprise when something works as it was intended. Ever since COVID has turned things upside down, and Sleepy Joe has blamed everything on Putin, if anything does work, it’s an amazing moment to behold, it’s even more amazing when government creates something that actually works, and is beneficial.

I’m here to say what 55% of people already know, but 45% of folks don’t know; Naperville’s Naper Notify really works! In a nutshell, Naper Notify is a system that allows the City to efficiently communicate important information in a timely manner to a widespread audience. In Naperville it began in 2013 with currently over 33,000 people signed-up. The percentage of people participating, far exceeded expectations, which is good news, however so many more could be benefiting.

If you would like to learn more and participate in the program, it’s simple, just click on this link, and after creating an account and setting contact preferences, it’s done. How cool is that. It’s easy, it’s informative, and it’s beneficial.

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