Final Leaf Pick-up After Final Leaf Pick-up

Councilman Paul Hinterlong’s question about Naperville’s Leaf Pick-up program finally was answered; Naperville’s final leaf pick-up will be followed with another final leaf pick-up. Watch and listen as Hinterlong presents the question to Dick Dublinski, Director of Public Works, and he answers it with “we’re going to watch the leaves and the weather”.

He could have answered “yes, if need be, I will be back for approval for another final leaf pick-up”., but no, he tap-danced with ‘watching the leaves and the weather’. Hinterlong knew he was tap-dancing, as did the rest of the council, but they all bought the answer Dublinski was selling.

That’s the problem with this version of the Naperville city council, nobody appears willing to hold anybody accountable for what they are saying, why not? Hinterlong could have said, ‘Dick if you need to come back and ask approval for another pick-up, it’s O.K.’ but he couldn’t do it. Why not? Any of the other eight council members could have said it, but they sat on their hands with their mouths shut. Is it a hostile work environment where nobody wants to extend themselves in fear of being reprimanded. If so, that doesn’t foster open communication with truthfulness.

Tactfulness is the art of telling someone to go to hell, and make them happy they are going. The Naperville city council definitely could benefit from a seminar or learning module focusing on balancing honesty with sensitivity.

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