They Said It, Are They Doing It

Running for office and getting elected can be easy, simply tell people what they want to hear, whether it’s true or not. Getting re-elected can be easier, especially if the electorate can’t remember what candidates originally committed to, during their campaigns.

From the 2004 movie Napolean Dynamite

One of the purposes of this posting, and the four that will follow over the next few months, is to remind voters, commitments that were made by council members in order for those council members to get elected. The other purpose, maybe more important, is to remind council members of commitments they made to voters if elected. Have their votes on issues been consistent with their campaign commitments.

This posting will highlight council members Patrick Kelly and Theresa Sullivan.

Of the nine Naperville city council members, councilman Patrick Kelly made the fewest commitments (two), thereby making it the easiest for him to keep his word. He simply stated:

  • Include perspectives from different generations.
  • Ensure our city remains safe and fiscally responsible for the long term.

Short, sweet. and to the point.

Theresa Sullivan made nine commitments to voters; equal to councilman Paul Leong, but far fewer than one council member who had 17.

Councilwoman Sullivan committed to the following:

  • Improve the lives of those who live and work in Naperville.
  • Combat perceptions of conflicts of interest.
  • Deep dive into issues brought to the city council.
  • Put herself into the shoes of stakeholders.
  • Address the City’s sustainability and resiliency opportunities to keep Naperville thriving now and into the future
  • Support police and fire departments.
  • Responsible development.
  • Listen to the people who elect them. (what about the others)
  • Work to secure an ethics ordinance for the city council for government transparency (still waiting). Prevent elected officials from having decisions influenced by contributions to their campaigns from businesses and other organizations.

Looks like Sullivan is going to be busy, and she’s going to need a good memory.

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