Naperville Councilmen Ian Holzhauer And Paul Leong; Do Actions Match Words

This is the second of five postings regarding campaign commitments made by Naperville city council members. Last week’s posting profiled council members Patrick Kelly and Theresa Sullivan. This posting will profile councilmen Ian Holzhauer and Paul Leong. Following postings over the next month or two will look at 1) Benny White and Paul Hinterlong, 2) mayor Steve Chirico and councilwoman Patty Gustin, and 3) councilwoman Jennifer Bruzan Taylor. The final posting will profile Taylor because she made more campaign commitments than any two council members combined with 17, which equals the combined total of council members Kelly, Holzhauer, White, and Chirico.

The question is, are council members voting on issues supported by their own campaign commitments, or are they saying one thing and doing something else. When it’s time for re-election, will any be exposed as being hypocrites, or will they have built trust with voters by doing what they said they would do.

Councilman Ian Holzhauer made the second fewest commitments with four making it easier for him to keep his word, than any other council member, other than Patrick Kelly with two. Holzhauer’s commitments include:

  • Protect our community.
  • Restore respect in our community. (didn’t know we had lost it?)
  • Listen to different perspectives.
  • Protect residents and businesses from duel threat of decreased affordability and increased use taxes.

Councilman Paul Leong was more aggressive (or foolish) with nine commitments including the following:

  • Cutting tax. (has anyone ever committed to raising taxes?)
  • Promote efficient city government services.
  • Spend tax payer money wisely. (investing tax payer money sounds more appealing than spending)
  • Protect the City of Naperville’s brand and reputation as safe and family friendly.
  • Support public safety for all citizens and businesses.
  • Listen to all sides.
  • Encourage sustainable growth and development.
  • Work together to get things done.
  • Help our community to thrive and prosper.

It all sounds good if they can do it. Time will tell.

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