Naperville City Officials Are Doing It Again

This is a great time for Naperville city officials to deceptively slide a bad deal on Naperville residents and businesses. City officials are utilizing the “Never let a bad situation go to waste” principle. The bad situation is COVID and just about everything else going wrong in the country. The bad deal is city officials pushing Radiofrequency (RF) Smart water-meters on residents homes and Naperville businesses.

Naperville city officials did this a few years ago with electric meters. To say it was contentious is a huge understatement. City officials used force in an all-out assault on residents to install the unwanted meters on homes. Naperville moms were cuffed and arrested and tossed into the slammer. Residents formed the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, law suits were filed against the City (Fourth Amendment violations) which resulted in huge, 6-figure financial settlements payed out by the City.  Naperville’s family-friendly image took a big hit.

The Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group of dedicated, highly educated and informed residents was committed to exposing the truth and fighting for informed consent, and trying to protect all Naperville residents in Federal Court against the city of Naperville’s attempts to force residents into submission.

Now city officials are trying to push RF digital water meters onto residents using the same lame arguments including residents being able to see how much water they are using in real time and identifying water leaks. That requires residents to watch their water meters like they watch TV; that’s not going to happen.

The city of Naperville said Smart Meters for electric would save residents money. Not one resident has saved a dime. If there is one, please let me know. This time city officials are not pushing that lie because residents will pay more. Prior to councilman John Krummen taking up space on the city council, he was a smart-meter-flag-carrying, bugle boy for electric smart meters. Now he is doing the same for smart water-meters.

Major concerns about electric utility RF Smart Meters included health risks, privacy rights issues, security breaches, and skyrocketing costs for electricity. The same concerns apply to RF smart water meters.

Smart water-meters only benefit the city, not the water customers, and smart water-meters frequently overcharge customers, sometimes into the thousands of dollars. Ask Tinley Park residents or Google “smart meters water overbilling” for thousands of examples, nationwide.

Finally, if you want to opt-out and keep your current water meter, you can do that, however the city will punish you with a monthly opt-out fee. Keep in mind that the monthly fee can and will increase until you give up and acquiesce. It’s the Golden Rule, “he who has the gold, makes the rules” and the City has the gold.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It never ends. Freedom is always lost one step at a time. You have a choice in Nov to change this state from a super majority Democrat controlled state, run by crooks and thugs, who will bankrupt us and drive us out of state or vote straight Republican. As Trump says, “What the hell do you have to loose”! BTW vote in person so they don’t steal your vote to boot.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    The city has been installing these water meters for years. The one at my house was put in at least two years ago. Do you remember when they started the program a few years ago to replace old meters that were reading wrong with new meters? Well, that is when they started putting in the smart water meter.

    Again, if you have a wireless (RF) gateway for your Internet connection you are constantly being bombard with these “dangerous” RF signals. Wireless phone, cell phones, wireless earbuds, etc. they all use RF radiation to transmit their signals.

    Finally the wireless (RF) smart electric meters have been in place close to a decade now and, surprise! No cancer or brain damage cases being associated with these meter operations. This is just another example of “terror politics”, scaring people into supporting an given political agenda with the justification that it is for their own good.

    Any person or politician that will lie to you “for your own good” or to “protect you” from harm has already proven they don’t believe you are capable of sound judgement and therefore ls justified in not giving you a chance to decide.

    Such politically motivated people do not deserve your trust or respect!

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