City Manager Krieger, 60 Days Or Two Months, Which Is It

Numbers are fun. I am a numbers guy.  If I’m not about numbers, then I’m nothing. A ‘3’ can look like a ‘7’, a ‘6’ upside down is a ‘9’, in fact the number ‘71077345’ upside down and backwards becomes ‘ShELLOIL’. Who doesn’t love numbers or is it numerals?

If anybody should be about numbers it should be Naperville city manager Doug Krieger. He should be the numbers guru at Naperville’s municipal center. He should wear a cap with a big number ‘1’ on it while roaming thru the corridors and inky shadows at city hall, so everyone knows that he is ‘The Man’ when it comes to understanding numbers.

However the numbers guy appeared to be befuddled and bewildered for a moment at the recent Naperville city council meeting. It happened while the council was discussing hiring a person for a diversity staff position, and how long it might take to have the person in position. Watch and listen as mayor Steve Chirico tries to get an answer:

The beauty of the Zoom platform is that you can see other council members (Hinterlong, Sullivan, Kelly, and Brodhead) get a chuckle with the mathematical moment. So 90-days would ‘be aggressive’ (a challenge) but 60-days would be reasonable (a piece of cake). And Krieger got confused with 60 days compared to two months. Let’s face it, that can happen to anybody. It would be like 60-minutes vs. one hour, or seven days vs one week.

If anybody on the council is trying to figure out what to get Krieger for his birthday, a calendar might be a good option.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Beyond a inability to count or add or think chronologically why is gods name does Naperville need a diversity manager? Does our town and its leaders have so much of OUR tax paying dollars that they can waste them on this crap?

    Try opening up the town, by ignoring the nonsense with the flu hoax, and we will have all the diversity we need especially when all these clowns are high on the weed they are pushing on our kids. We really do live in a rabbit hole and our town should rename itself Aliceville.

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