Do Naperville City Officials Have A Plan For The Next Riot?

Call it what you will, civil unrest, a protest, a little get-together, a riot, whatever you want to call it, it includes bedlam, chaos, and mayhem resulting in looting and destruction.  Will Naperville city officials be better prepared to deal with it, than what they were when it recently happened? In other words, is there a plan?

We don’t need to know what the detailed, specific plan is, but the good folks of Naperville need to know there is a plan. City officials have already drawn a line in the sand, with what they were willing to accept the last time all-hell broke loose in downtown Naperville. City officials bowed down to the mob.

The bottom-line is that it didn’t create a reassuring optic. It’s been said that reasonable people can’t deal with unreasonable people, and reasonable Naperville city officials proved that to be true. The mob’s insatiable, lunatic demands can’t be solved with appeasement and pandering by city officials hoping the mob will allow us to live in peace while they move-on to a neighboring community to create havoc. When the shadow of power is not caste across the ‘bargaining table’, negotiations are synonymous for capitulation.

The Naperville Police Department can do what’s necessary to protect businesses and residents in Naperville, that’s part of what they are trained to do, but the question remains, do city officials have the courage to allow the highly qualified NPD to do its job.

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