The City of Chicago council meetings are very different than Naperville city council meetings, other than the Zoom platform they both use. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that a recent Chicago council meeting turned into a ‘profane, finger-pointing circus’. An unidentified male voice was heard saying, “No one here knows what the f*** they’re voting on.” That was followed by Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza saying, ‘This is a total s**t show’. ” Comments not normally heard during Naperville city council meetings.

Naperville city council meetings are often boring at best, or very boring at worst. Topics are dull and presentations qualify as sedatives. It’s easy for the mind to wonder, and now with Naperville using the ‘Holllywood Squares’ style Zoom platform during COVID-19 it’s easy to focus on anything other than what is being said by council members. I found myself looking at the backgrounds of where they were sitting, and getting caught up in extreme ‘close-ups’ of the council members. Some of Watchdog’s observations and deep thoughts included:

Maybe in order for the Naperville city council meetings to become more interesting for viewers, the mayor would consider keeping council member microphones on, so we can get the full flavor of what council members are really thinking.

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