You Don’t Do It! That’s Not How It Works!

Adam Carolla was recently interviewed on The Tucker Carlson Program and he was quoted as saying, “We live in a culture where we mistake discipline and rule of law, for being mean”. He went on to say, “coaches, and teachers, and generals, and police, and the mayor, when they enforce the law, they are not being bad people, they are doing what they were elected or charged to do. That’s their job. Now they are seen as mean or bad people. The teacher that is expelling the unruly person has become the bad person”.

Rules and decorum are becoming passe. But not so, in the chambers of the Naperville city council where mayor Steve Chirico has no problem calling out rude and bad behavior. Watch and listen as Chirico ‘reads the riot act’ to an unruly member of the audience during the February 18 city council meeting:

Not only did the mayor take control of the situation, he most likely caught the attention of other council members, city staff, and those viewing the meeting. In essence, don’t mess with the mayor!

The statement, “our mayor can beat-up your mayor” definitely describes Steve Chirico, a high-school wrestling champion. It hasn’t been necessary yet, but you get the feeling that Chirico would truly enjoy doing back-flips to an offender and using any of a number of skillful moves to personally throw out someone exhibiting rude behavior.

The only question is which move would Chirico use? Would it be the:

  • Face buster
  • Choke slam
  • Head scissors take-down toss
  • Double-knee arm-breaker
  • Power slam
  • Catapult

Or my personal favorite, the 360-degree head twist.

Chances are that it won’t ever come to that, so strong words will have to suffice:

  • “We have rules and decorum here”.
  • ” You don’t just call out from your seat”
  • “You don’t do it!
  • “That’s not how it works”.

Or the mayor can take a tip from Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from ‘The Office’:

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  1. Kev Koyne

    Do you like gladiator movies?

    • watchdog

      Only if the popcorn is really good.

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