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Naperville council members come and go, and when they go, where do they go? City Council Watchdog postings began December 2010 (674 postings and counting) and during that time 12 council members have departed for various reasons. Unlike State of Illinois politicians, none have spent time in prison, none have been indicted, and none have resigned in disgrace. Using that as a benchmark of success, Naperville city council members have been successful.

In order to find out what former Naperville council members are doing, Watchdog has done a little research, actually very little research, in fact none, however very unreliable sources have uncovered incredible fake news updating the whereabouts of those 12 former council members and this posting announces the unscientific findings.

Becky Anderson

After advocating for the City of Naperville to become a sanctuary city, Anderson has considered moving elsewhere less crowded or getting a variance to build the country’s highest fence around her home.

Jim Boyajian

He was last seen at a Farmer’s Market sitting by himself at a small table earning money by insulting people as they walk by.

Bob Fieseler

He’s still trying to figure out how he lost a school board election after voluntarily leaving the city council rather than losing re-election by the largest margin in Naperville’s history.

Dick Furstenau

Other than occasionally popping up during public forums at city council meetings reminding everyone that he was once on the city council, he spends a lot of time at home watching reruns of the Jerry Springer Show while pushing and punching a bozo-facsimile of a Naperville Police Officer during commercials.

Kevin Gallaher

He talks to anyone who will listen to his story about celebrating his city council election while in his kitchen baking pizza on election night.

Doug Krause

After losing every Naperville mayoral election to George Pradel by coming in second-place, and then coming in second place to Steve Chirico, he decided to move to Arizona and continuing to run for every mayoral election he can enter finishing in second place every time. He once was the only candidate on the ballot and came in second place to a write-in candidate.

Joe McElroy

He is still trying to explain why he used a cake rather than a pie to make his point during city council candidate forums.

Kenn Miller

He is the President of the one-member association promoting the importance of the silent ‘n’ in first names. He continues to pop-up as the political analyst on NCTV-17 on municipal election night even though he and the host couldn’t look more uncomfortable while aimlessly discussing the same topics as vote totals dribble in. Why he continues to subject himself to humiliation on the show, one can only surmise that it helps his side job as a used car salesman.

Rebecca Boyd-Obarski

Teaches wanna-be candidates the importance of the hyphen when it comes to election yard signs. It’s not how big the sign is, it’s how big the hyphen is.

George Pradel

Officer Friendly is now Mayor Friendly for eternity leading meetings where all votes are unanimous and all participants are happy.

Grant Wehrli

Still trying to justify why taxpayers should pay for his fuel driving back-and-forth to Springfield while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Dave Wentz

Still uses his standard greeting, “Do you know who I am” with everyone he meets including kids at their lemonade stands.

Again acknowledging this is total fake news, you still have to ask yourself, is this really fake news, or might it be possible that there is an element of truth in these ramblings.

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  1. Ann

    Well done. As inhabitants and becoming involved in Naperville’s political arena of false presentations of candidates for Council sparring for attention, but no resolution………..we should have these updates yearly. Does lean towards a touch of amusement which we all can use now and then.

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