Keep Grant Wehrli In Springfield

It must be getting close to election time because State Rep Grant Wehrli is planning upcoming ‘meet and greet’ events with residents. His first event was scheduled for last Wednesday August 14 at Quigley’s Irish Pub. When residents were asked if they knew Wehrli was at Quigley’s , the typical response was “Who?”

You can’t blame those residents for not knowing who Grant Wehrli is since he accomplished very little as a Naperville city council member, and even less as a State Rep. Other than usually filling out his expense reports correctly, most folks are hard pressed to come up with anything Wehrli has accomplished.

Somebody has to be the State Rep in the 41st District, so it might as well be Wehrli. It’s better for Wehrli to be in Springfield as a State rep than to be in Naperville as a city council member. The reason is simple; he can do less damage in Springfield than he could do in Naperville. It’s a matter of numbers. In Springfield Wehrli is one of 118 State reps representing about 108,000 people, whereas in Naperville he would be one of nine council members representing up to 146,000 people. In Springfield there are 117 other State reps helping to keep Wehrli in line by keeping a lid on him.

In Springfield he is a small insignificant tree in a forest of tall trees, hence his record of accomplishing next to nothing of importance matches his ability. Wehrli has failed miserably, and has proven over and over, to be incapable of learning from his mistakes.

Bottom line, let’s help Grant Wehrli stay in Springfield.

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  1. Ann

    I cannot agree with your commentary more about Mr. Wehrli. I attended two sessions at the Council meetings (one was on the Smart Meters, other on the construction of the hotel property and tear downs) along the DuPage River. His sister did not want the hotel as she was an audience speaker. Nonetheless, she lost. I believe Mr. Wehrl ( in having observed his performances or lack thereof) has an ongoing ego that wraps around his head and growing, causing irreparable reconstruction. Just a member with a $2,000 suit occupying a chair.

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