The Naperville City Council Is Wasting Our Time

It’s been said that given a sufficient amount of time, anything that can happen, will happen. If that’s true, then sooner or later the Naperville city council will regulate everything. The more you watch and listen to Naperville city officials, the more you realize most council members have an insatiable desire to get their hands on everything, whether or not regulation is even necessary.

To the credit of council members Theresa Sullivan, Kevin Coyne, Paul Hinterlong, and Mayor Steve Chirico, they question the need to rubber stamp every issue with regulation. Unfortunately they are outnumbered 5 to 4.

Watch and listen to first term councilwoman Theresa Sullivan as she questions why the city council would need to “waste time” discussing whether or not to ban the sale of Kratom considering the State and Federal government have already stated their positions on the issue:

The Naperville city council often has a ‘nanny’ mentality thinking they know what is best for the residents of Naperville even if they don’t know what they are talking about. Most had never heard of Kratom until recently, some didn’t know how to pronounce the drug, some didn’t know the benefits of Kratom, and one (Patty Gustin) didn’t know using Kradom did not involve a syringe. Notice how quickly, after a few laughs from the audience, Gustin tries to distance herself from the comment, and place it on ‘someone who told her this’.

She could have left well-enough alone by not adding that comment. If that’s part of her research on the topic, she may want to use a more reliable source, especially considering her vote may tip the outcome.

As a side note if Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) was submitted as a new drug to the FDA for approval today, it would never be allowed on the market. It’s acid, brutal on the digestive system, but it works.

Not everything has to be regulated by the city council, the key is knowing the difference between being eligible or not for regulation. Good for Naperville councilwoman Theresa Sullivan for questioning the need for regulation, and thereby, good for the residents of Naperville.

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  1. Gerard Hubert Schilling

    Compared to marijuana this stuff is benign and has been used in southeast Asia as we use aspirin in the states. It’s a herbal additive and sounds like it has some pretty good qualities vs. few or none for marijuana.

    So council wants to ban this stuff (no tax revenue potential) and advocates for recreational marijuana stores popping up like mushrooms (psychedelic types) next to schools, churches, gyms and corner drug stores if not in them. They think HUGE revenues will be realized while the kids take the oils and stuff it into their vaporizers.

    At some point reason and rationality must return to city council if not common sense.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Are liquor stores next to any schools, day care, children centers,etc? No because it is prohibited by ordinance. The same will be true for any ordinance regulating recreational dispensaries.

      As to “popping up like mushrooms” this same argument, along with increased crime and several others, were used to argue against the city allowing medical marijuana dispensary. Surprise! Surprise! They haven’t! The city has exactly one, and it is in an industrial park with a front not visible from any street.

      The same ordinances that control medical marijuana will be used to control recreational dispensaries. Currently only two companies have expressed and interest in recreational marijuana in Naperville, one is the current operate of the medical dispensary (they need city approve to become a recreational dispensary) and other company that currently does not operate in the Chicagoland area.

      On a historical note using wild, unsubstantiated speculation to instill fear in the general public is a propaganda tactic popularized by Goebbels.

      • Gerard Hubert Schilling

        Advocating mind altering psychedelic drug use of any kind is insanity at worse and stupidity at best. People should be scared to death of what this crap does to their kids!

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Marijuana is not a hallucinogen and in the area of possibly impairing future cognitive development it is not as bad as alcohol. Alcohol not only hinders cognitive development but damages the liver and kidneys as well as causing heart, lung and vision function impairment that can become permanent. I bring up alcohol because use of alcohol by kids is far more common. I fact most kids get their first drink of alcohol from their parent. Parent that encourage their children to use alcohol rather then marijuana because they falsely believe it is safer.

          Further there have been no medical benefits found from using alcohol, but there is a very long list of medical benefits demonstrated from using marijuana.

          • Cheech

            I don’t know when the last time you smoked pot was, but todays pot is not your old pot. They have bred the THC levels to 30% and up. Go try some and get back to us.

  2. Gerard Hubert Schilling

    Will wonders never cease! OPT-OUT won for now.

    About time that common sense and logic prevailed on this subject, The three councilmen one of which was the Mayor needs to figure out how to make money honestly and not on the backs of our kids

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