Naperville’s Citizen Police Academy

I learned rather early in life that I wasn’t made for hard, physical work. All it took was one long hot day of baling hay by hand in a t-shirt. Never wear a t-shirt when baling hay. It took a number of years later to realize that I wasn’t made to be a police officer. It’s dangerous, very difficult, and nowadays very unappreciated. It’s also a very necessary job. It’s that thin blue line that separates chaos from safety.

Imagine pulling a car over for a traffic stop at 2:30am, and not knowing what you will encounter. Or being called to a domestic disturbance, or a burglary, or shots fired. Police officers run towards what most of run away from.

My wife’s dad was a police officer in Muncie, Indiana for 42 years. You have to really like what you do, to do it for that long, or maybe you just do it because it becomes who you are. He could have written a book, as is the case with just about every police officer.

I, along with my wife, had the opportunity to participate in Naperville’s Citizen Police Academy, along with about 25 other folks. It’s a nine week program that flies by, along with each 3-hour class. It is without a doubt among the best 27 hours of time I have ever invested. Many communities throughout the country offer the program, which is designed to acquaint individuals with activities of their local police department. Graduates become more aware and better informed about how the police department works.

The link below will give you an overview of Naperville’s program:

More information on the Naperville’s Citizen Police Academy

The following is a week-by-week view of the program’s content:

In a nutshell, Naperville does it right. The program is not just a NPD task or a service, it’s a commitment and a passion on their part. Every aspect of Naperville’s Citizen Police Academy (NCPA), is done with respect and class. Members of the Naperville Police Department are outstanding representatives of their profession, and of the city.

Greek poet Archilochus said, “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training”. Members of the NPD are always in training, even at 2:30 in the morning.

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  1. Ann

    I have the utmost respect for our police force throughout the U.S. It’s a job that very few can withstand and takes surmountable courage to sign up to defend their community and country. Some have to make instant judgment calls and when facing the arrows of danger directly aimed at them, they must defend. It’s them or the predator. Weapons are a means of defense, but in the hands of the enemy, they can eradicate an incredible amount of innocent bystanders without remorse or explanation. I have wondered for years in the bravery and guts it takes to approach a vehicle that has blackened out windows. I thought this was out law many years ago yet I see many vehicles in both DuPage & Cook County still driving around with them. By the time the window is fully placed downward in its compartment, the enemy already has his gun pointed at the officer. Quick thinking, who is in the right or wrong ?? If the states can remove the plastic covers on license plates, why not blackened windows ?? Let’s work to remove these terror traps and give our officers some added years for living. Ann

    • Concern Citizen

      A few years back Illinois changed the law regarding tinting. It is legal for all but the windshield. I’ve tinted my front windows on my last 3 trucks for aesthetic reasons, because I can.

  2. Ann

    Yes you can. Aesthetics is one thing, but you’re still alive. The State of Illinois gives a “free ride” for many things. Other states do not allow tinted windows no matter what. Pull down shades for back windows are allowed from the scorching sun to infants. There are now visors to attach to front windows, pull down, to reduce the glare. A life is worth so much more. Just think of what it would be like if you had to talk to your boss all day who preferred to wear sunglasses and never to remove ?? Eye surgery and conditions an exception.

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