Naperville Finance Director Corrects The 90% Error

Kudos to Naperville Finance Director Rachel Mayer for ‘coming clean’ during Naperville’s May 15 city council meeting, regarding the recent utility billing error which was the focus of Watchdog’s last posting. It’s always refreshing when someone (especially in government) can ‘own up’ to making an error, and in this case it was a “90% error”, not so much the 10% error.

Watch and listen as the Finance Director owns accountability and more importantly discusses with Mayor Steve Chirico, and Naperville council member Rebecca Obarski what can be done to avoid the mistake going forward:

The error in billing was simply a mistake. Mistakes happen. We all make them. I once heard, and firmly believe that we are 10% of what happens to us, and 90% how we respond to it. The 10% was the billing error, and the 90% was the city not communicating about the error with the rate payers. Now with Finance Director addressing the issue, the “90%” has been rectified, and the opportunity for improvement exists.

Good for the City. Good for Rachel Mayer. And dilly, dilly for the rate payers.

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