Naperville Councilman Krummen Has Right To Remain Silent, But Not The Ability

A strange thing has happened over the last few months during city council meetings, councilwoman Patty Gustin is talking less, and Naperville councilman John Krummen has spectacularly filled the void. Krummen is not only talking more, (not that he wasn’t before), but now he is relishing face-time in the spotlight. To state it simply, he has never seen a microphone or mirror that he doesn’t like. That’s good news for Krummen, but not-so-good news for many watching and listening to him.

Krummen likes the sound of his voice so much, that he repeats himself, in circular monologue fashion, and has become known as the ‘human Lunesta pill’. Technically Lunesta is a tablet, but ‘pill’ is apropos for Krummen.

I tried using a stop-watch to time Krummen’s talk-time during the last meeting, but I continued to doze off. In fairness to the councilman, I tend to write postings after midnight, and his sedative, hypnotic style, is ideal for dozing.

Public forum speakers are allotted three minutes to make their point, and most speakers are able to do that. Krummen tends to be 3-minute challenged, and occasionally Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico has to redirect Krummen’s wandering or tactfully ask him to keep it short as he does in the following video clip:

Krummen’s self-evaluation that he “doesn’t talk often” and when he does, he “has a lot to say” is inaccurate on the first part, but spot-on correct on the second part.

A couple of opportunities present themselves to Krummen when he retires:

  • With Garrison Keillor riding off into the sunset, Krummen could become a story-teller, if he can learn how to get to the point.
  • Become a paid-guest at dinner parties, talking with other guests, with the sole purpose of quickly clearing people out of a room, house, or event.
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  1. Dogone Wicked

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, WICKED COOL, blah blah blah, WICKED, blah blah blah COOL, yada, yada, yada, listen to ME! Why did people vote for him? WHY? Talk about low information voters!

  2. Ron A.

    This post seems like a personal attack. Krummen may be long winded at times, but he is a good guy and wants what’s best for Naperville. Stick to the issues.

  3. John

    Mr Krummen is only interested in his own promotion and does not care about Naperville or others .

    • Jim Haselhorst

      From my personal interactions and conversations with Councilman Krummen with Ron A. and say he does sincerely care about what is best for Naperville and its residents. So, for me, your post begs the questions, Why does he need to promote himself?

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