Naperville City Council Doesn’t Need A Referee … Yet

There is no doubt that the Naperville city council has problems with it’s seemingly inability to make timely decisions (puppy mills), and sucker-punching residents (surprise water rate increases), but as of yet, the city council doesn’t need to hire a sergeant-at-arms (referee) to maintain security and order during council meetings.

That’s what Palatine Township board members plan to do in order to conduct meetings in an orderly manner and prevent kerfuffles between board members; hire a referee. Apparently things are getting out-of-hand in Palatine among the five-member township board.

In addition to stepping in to prevent fist-a-cuffs, the referee will have expertise in meeting rules and provide a modicum of decorum among board members.

Let’s face it, sometimes somebody has to step up to the challenge and maintain order:

The Naperville city council is getting two for the price of one; a mayor who is also a referee or sergeant-at-arms; a sort of bouncer. Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico came in 4th place at the 1978 Illinois State Wrestling Championships. If need be our mayor can beat up your mayor. More importantly Chirico has the ability to maintain order during council meetings and if need be, he could apply some of his famous wrestling moves including the:

  • Face buster
  • Choke slam
  • Back breaker
  • Brain buster
  • Drop kick
  • Pile driver
  • and my personal favorite, the 360-degree head twist

As long as Chirico is in office, Naperville doestn’t need a meeting referee. He doesn’t even need a gavel to pound. When Mayor Chirico speaks everyone better listen.

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