Naperville’s 33-Minute City Council Meeting 7 Minutes Too Long

Naperville’s March 7 city council meeting nearly broke the record for the shortest council meeting on file. The meeting lasted just 33-minutes, whereas most meetings last a little over two hours, with some going as long as five-plus hours.

Even with the short 33-minute meeting, it was still at least 7 minutes more than it needed to be, with the seven minutes spear-headed by councilwoman Becky Anderson’s quest to prove that Naperville is a ‘welcoming city’, which is a topic Watchdog will cover in an upcoming posting.

When it takes less time to conduct a city council meeting than it takes to find a parking spot in downtown Naperville one wonders if the council should be applauded for conserving time, or if the council should be booed for creating massive traffic congestion and few available parking spots in the heart of Naperville.

Thirty-three minutes and nothing happened to make the lives of the good folks of Naperville more miserable; no ordinances, no regulations, and no new fees or taxes. That sounds like a good meeting.

For whatever reason, the entire council was hellbent on getting out of council chambers as soon as possible, and they made it happen, proving if they really want to do something, they can do it.

If the Naperville city council can do it, so can Watchdog; hence this posting is over.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    When Krause was acting, in Mayor Pradel’s absence, as head of the council he would frequently push for quick meeting and frequently bragged about how quick council meetings were when he was in charge. I do not recall the watchdog every giving him grief for this behavior and his many 30 minute or less council meetings. So why start bitch now?

    • BD Weiser


      IMHO it doesn’t sound like WD is giving the council grief, rather s/he is applauding them for their brevity and “goodness”. In other words, nothing bad came out of this short meeting to harm the fine citizens of this town.

      If they are like the rest of us they were probably rushing home to finish their b-ball bracket! 🙂

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