Naperville’s Quick Response To Resident

The last time we saw Naperville resident, Mr. Ron Keller (February 7) , he was pleading his case in front of the Naperville city council regarding the high cost of living in Naperville, and specifically the sky-rocketing electric rates.

Since that time, the City of Naperville responded to Mr. Keller’s tale of woe very quickly and helped him by explaining why he is using more electric than he needs, and then the city exceeded expectations by checking his water meter and determining it needed to be replaced, thereby saving him even more money.

Good things can happen for residents when they address the city council in person. It also helps when they do it just prior to an election.

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  1. Leiv Mealone

    Lesson learned. To get your meter checked and not pay 50.00 you need spend the night in council chambers, wait for your 3 minutes of fame, and complain on camera. You still retain 12 of the 15 minutes of fame alloted per Andy Warhol, and get a new meter.

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