Naperville Councilwoman Patty Gustin, At The Corner Of Absurd And Ridiculous

Why is it that so often when someone gets elected to office, they feel the need to over regulate, micro-manage, and invade the lives of those they are supposed to serve and represent? Could it be that serving and representing residents and businesses are not high on the priority list? Could it be that their purpose is to push through a personal agenda of getting re-elected, getting more face-time on camera, or simply controlling others?

The Naperville city council has a few of these folks nesting at the dais including councilwoman Patty Gustin. Is there any Naperville council member who spends more time talking, and less time making sense, while trying to  over-regulate and micro-manage.

During the last Naperville council meeting on September 6, the topic of whether or not to approve a liquor license for the downtown Walgreen was the topic of discussion when Gustin chimed in with her bit of wisdom. Watch and listen as she offers marketing, advertising, and strategy advice to Walgreens’ leadership team:

A lot of very smart Walgreen people, invested a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of money, to create a strategy, a program, and a slogan (At the corner of happy and healthy), as the cornerstone of their marketing focus. Why Gustin thinks that it should or could be set aside is a puzzle, unless of course, it’s for micro-managing and more camera face- time.

Considering Walgreens displays alcohol opposite of water, isn’t that the classic example of ‘where happy meets healthy’.

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  1. Bob West

    I do get her point though…. The Walgreen’s at Warrenville and Winfield last year at this time had a sign near the road that said ” Back to school supplies” on the top, and below “6 pack of Millers…..”. I was wondering what school promoted beer as a supply? Seriuosly, people should do a better job of seeing how their message looks to the public.

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