Naperville City Council, Candidate For Joining AA

I’ve been focused on losing some weight, well actually a lot of weight. I made the decision on March 11 and I’m about 50% on the way to reaching my goal. I was really doing good. In fact, I was doing so good, that I thought, why not have a couple of cookies, then a couple of days later, having a pizza seemed like a good reward for making great progress in achieving my goal. Fortunately I came to my senses, and now I’m back on the plan. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary, plus the fact that I really like setting goals and making it happen. I guess you could call that obsessive-compulsive.

The City of Naperville had the same type of epiphany when the city was having some major problems with alcohol consumption in the downtown area. Late night chaos, bedlam, and mayhem were beginning to become common occurrences, with a few situations resulting in the deaths of more than a couple folks. The city council began to tighten up loose ends, a make a concerted effort to regain control of what was becoming out of control events.

It worked for the most part. Sure there’s always going to be a couple of problems here and there, but city officials succeeded in putting pandemonium to rest in downtown Naperville.

In fact, city officials have been so successful in moving toward and reaching their goal, that they are considering opening the tap and issuing more and more liquor permits in the downtown area. Those tax dollars are very difficult to pass up, just like cookies and pizza are for me.

It’s interesting that city officials are pleased with the current state of liquor affairs in Naperville, yet now they appear to be eager to move back to the likelihood of problems surfacing and things getting out of control again. It’s almost as if AA should have a special program for local city officials to help them keep a lid on enabling the same problems from happening again.

I don’t suppose one scoop of ice cream would be so bad, would it?

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    As I have said in other posts, the liquor licenses the city is considering issuing are for new restaurants opening in the downtown area, not bars, which only allow for liquor sales up to 10pm. The downtown problems were caused they liquor consumed by customers of establishment that have late night permits, which allow for liquor sales up to and same times after midnight.

    Asking a restaurant to open in our community without the being able to serve their customers wine or beer would only result in no more new restaurants in our community and the benefits of restaurants to a community go way beyond tax revenue from liquor sales. Time to stop kicking this dead horse and move on to the real issues and challenges facing our community.

    • watchdog

      Can you please enlighten us with the downtown Walgreens menu to see what’s for dinner, and let us know if reservations are required.

    • watchdog

      ps: If Walgreens dinner time slots are booked, how about checking out the menu at Ten Friends Blow Dry. I’d prefer seating away from the kitchen. Too busy with waiters running back and forth.

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