Naperville Councilman Krummen Not Passionate About His Position

If you thought that Naperville councilman John Krummen has seldom been one to convey passion for his position on most if not all topics of discussion, Krummen erased all doubt when he said as much during the last Naperville city council meeting. He also appointed himself as the mouthpiece for all nine members of the council when he said “we’re not supposed to be passionate”, and “we’re supposed to be neutral”. Watch and listen to Krummen’s mindset:

Just as there is “Robert’s Rules of Order”, there must also be a book floating around titled “Krummen’s Rules of Mechanical Decision Making”. If I am hearing Krummen correctly, he doesn’t have a strong sense of passion for his beliefs and opinions, and subscribes to being automaton-like in voting. In fact, why should he even vote if he is ‘supposed to be neutral’. He could simply vote ‘present’ on all council votes. There is no better way to be neutral, than to assume that posture.

Councilman Krummen has never been accused of exuding enthusiasm, which makes you wonder, what exactly does he believe in, and where is the passion to stand behind his convictions. Krummen is highly mistaken if he doesn’t believe that emotion has a central role to play in rational decision-making. Passion is a component in decision making, not the only component, but an important component. Show me an elected official without emotion, and I will show you a most-likely one term government official.

Other than councilman Kevin Gallaher, councilman Krummen garnered the least number of votes of any of the nine council members in the last city council election. Krummen, along with Gallaher, Kevin Coyne, and Judy Brodhead are serving two-year terms, rather than four year terms, ending next spring, and all four will up for re-election. Let’s see how much passion Krummen can gather for another term in the council.

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