Naperville Councilman Kevin Gallaher Takes A Shot Against Free Speech

Naperville council members have a lot of perks, some are real, and some are self-proclaimed, including a belief that what they have to say is more important than what others have to say, or that others should be castigated for expressing an opinion.

Case in point, Naperville councilman Kevin Gallaher is quickly beginning to think that a deity is an attainable position, and royalty and entitlement go with his position of council member. At the May 17 city council meeting, resident Brian Chang made a passionate and crystal clear presentation, during public forum, expressing his respectful opposition to a 22-townhome development at the southwest corner of Bauer Road and Charles Street. At the end of Mr. Chang’s presentation, Naperville council member Kevin Gallaher berated, scolded, and lambasted the Naperville resident. Watch and listen to Chang’s comments and Gallaher’s response to being offended by the comments. Don’t get hung-up in the details of Chang’s presentation; listen to his respectful style of communication that offended Gallaher.

Gallaher made no comment about the substance of Brian Chang’s comments, only that Gallaher was ‘offended’ and that he’s “not going to hear any more of it”. It reminded me of a spoiled kid on a playground that had a hissy fit and was going to take his bat and ball and go home. If you replay the last 30 seconds of the clip, you’ll notice that Gallaher leans back in his taxpayer paid chair with a look of utter indignation. Is that what we want from our elected officials?

It’s possible that Gallaher was offended by the ‘remind me not to golf with you comment’ directed towards the attorney making a presentation favoring the development. Mr. Gallaher, where is your sense of humor? It’s possible that Gallaher, himself an attorney, has heard the same comment numerous times from folks disagreeing with him. I for one would never golf with Gallaher, not because he lacks a sense of humor, and takes comments too personal, but because my definition of golfing is a good walk spoiled.

It’s also possible that Naperville councilman Kevin Gallaher is not an advocate of free speech, when the speech being given is from someone who Gallaher disagrees with.

Gallaher had the fewest votes of any council member during the last election. If he get just a few votes less in the next election, let’s say from the Bauer Road and Charles Street area, he will have more time to golf.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    His feelings are hurt and our citizens’ rights are negated all the time by these clowns who in their infinite wisdom always knows what’s best for the peons. These folks are voted in to represent us not to argue with what those wishes are or reward for nefarious reasons their political buddies and hacks.

    Based on past and present performance of most government officials at every level their integrity and honesty should be questioned all the time and every time and that includes Gallaher!

  2. Thank you! Appreciate your time and passion on all these posts. This one in particular.

  3. Judy

    I found this was one of the best rhetorically engineered attacks against council and their thought process in what they feel is a relaxed effort to look the other way and let a few mistakes slip by and let the taxpayers “digest it” for council members always take center stage.

    A study was conducted here to prove the wrong in continuing to build a city that consistently is showing many flaws and escape hatches in what appropriately should be devoted to a more accurate approach to fixing a problem rather than continuing to build upon it. I am amazed, on a continual basis, how the town’s council is able to jump over high fences to escape ridicule only to avoid any scorn from the public eye because after all……….council can do no wrong nor be brought to any form of ridicule.

    Brian Chang’s presentation was dead center accurate and done in an effort to illuminate the obvious and costly mistakes taking place and yet the council doesn’t seem to get it in all these years and slams the door on any criticism directed towards them.

    How little they feel for handing over a portion of justice to the individuals who continue to build this town and produce the kind of reputation that makes us all proud. A sad tale in history in the making that was meant to serve as a progressive attempt to grow with strength and admiration for the beliefs shared by the inhabitants upholding a vision of prosperity and good will. Honesty, Honor and Whole Truths, not half, will mark a city long remembered in forthright intelligence in giving pause……………….”are we doing the right thing here for the people” ??

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