$800,000 Worth Of Mulch And One Inch Of Snow

Naperville city officials really want to take over maintenance of 20 miles of Naperville Township roads as negotiations continue between the city officials and Naperville Township Highway Commissioner Stan Wojtasiak. The gap for an agreement gets shorter and shorter as Naperville city officials continue to give-in more and more to Township ‘demands’.

To make the agreement sweeter for the Township, the City of Naperville said it would continue brush and leaf collections at the current schedule for unincorporated residents. Naperville city manager Doug Krieger, using fuzzy math, said “we believe that annual savings in the neighborhood of $800,000 still holds true”.

The City is holding the line on not continuing free distribution of mulch to township residents, and only plowing snow when there are two inches or more on the streets. Currently the Township plows at a one inch threshold.

Somehow Naperville city officials continue to acquiesce with continued services, yet still maintain an $800,000 savings to tax payers. At this rate of negotiation, township residents will continue to get all the services they were getting before including free mulch and snow-plowing at the one inch level, and taxpayers will magically save $800,000.

The only issue remaining to decide will be who is going to measure one inch of snow.

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