Beer…Cold Beer, Not Yet At Ribfest

The Naperville Liquor Commission has finally seen a liquor idea that it doesn’t like…yet. One would think, that the busiest Naperville city commission is Naperville’s liquor commission. They are still trying to figure out how to simplify the classification of liquor licenses, while they continue to entertain more proposals for new alcoholic categories.

It seems like anybody living, working, or driving thru Naperville wants a license to sell alcohol, and why not, considering Naperville’s focus is shifting from family friendly to being a destination for entertainment in the future.

Now comes the Exchange Club of Naperville requesting approval for beer hawkers at Ribfest, in an effort to reduce congestion and lines at concession stands and beer tents during the July event. The idea is to make the experience better for beer lovers. And oh yes, increasing beer sales income to help ‘benefit the children’ and local charities and groups, is also a focus. Who doesn’t want to help the children, and folks in need. Well the Naperville Liquor Commission apparently doesn’t…yet.

The commission did take a step in the direction of allowing beer hawkers when Naperville Mayor and Liquor Commissioner Steve Chirico suggested a compromise in which hawkers would be allowed to hawk soda and water. That’s one small step for water, and one giant leap for beer.

‘Cold water…get your cold water here. Who wants a cold water’.

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